California In Home Nursing Care Available At NurseRegistry

Published January 16, 2024

California-based NurseRegistry, an agency that specializes in supplying nursing professionals throughout the state and beyond, is offering its assistance to private clients who may be in search of in-home nursing care. The agency can confidently take on all nursing care assignments that a client would otherwise receive in a medical setting.

NurseRegistry works with RNs and LVNs to ensure that clients receive only the best care from skilled, experienced, and educated nurses. The in-home nurses who NurseRegistry provides can provide a variety of care services, including wound care, medication management, IV therapy, hospice care, wellness checks and more. They currently have three California locations (located in Santa Monica, Palo Alto and San Francisco).


California in home nursing care is an incredibly delicate field of work, requiring the most trustworthy and experienced nursing staff. Fortunately, NurseRegistry is more than ready and willing to provide exactly that.

The company says, “NurseRegistry has expertly matched clients with private duty nurses for in-home nursing care in California for over a decade. Whether you or your loved one has just been discharged from the hospital and requires medication management and wound care, or if 24 hour skilled nursing care is needed, we can help. Schedule a call today and you’ll get access to over 500 private nurses and a scheduling team that will hand-select the most caring and dependable at home nurse for your specific needs.”

NurseRegistry, as a private pay nursing solution in California, offers premier nurse scheduling and flexibility. They understand the importance of proper care and treatment. They also understand just how quickly diagnoses can change and are prepared to supply staff who are able to adapt to evolving conditions quickly.

As a comprehensive nurse staffing agency, NurseRegistry aims to provide their clients with total peace of mind by accommodating them at every step of the way. Their licensed and experienced healthcare professionals enable families of the patient to regain a balance within their own lives since their loved one’s medical needs are being attended to by a professional. Happy patients are every healthcare provider’s goal, and NurseRegistry makes it a point to support such endeavors by making patients more comfortable receiving care in a familiar environment.

Acquiring an in-home nurse with NurseRegistry is a straightforward process. The first step is to call the office and put in a request for an in-home nurse. NurseRegistry’s scheduling services team will then match the client with a California private in-home nurse who is suited to the patient’s medical needs. Each private nurse is handpicked based on a range of factors, including their medical experience, background, personality, age, gender, unique skills and so on.

The next step is to sign a contract with NurseRegistry. Notably, this does not imply that an agreement has been made to use the company’s services, and clients are not required to make any upfront payments. During this step, clients can request NDAs and other such documents to be signed. If the client is happy with the contract and the selection of nurses that has been provided, the next step is to welcome a skilled, experienced nurse into their home where they will provide the patient with excellent care.

Prospective clients may contact NurseRegistry directly to follow up on any further inquiries. They may also visit to learn more.


For more information about NurseRegistry - Santa Monica, contact the company here:

NurseRegistry - Santa Monica
Katarina Livaskani
1541 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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