Buy CBD Pet Products Now: Celestial Stem Expands Wellness Line

Published February 26, 2024

Celestial Stem, a company known for its extensive range of CBD wellness products, has recently expanded its offerings to include a new selection of high dosage CBD pet products. This addition allows pet owners to buy CBD pet products with enriched concentrations tailored specifically for medium and large-sized pets. These products are thoughtfully formulated to address common health issues in pets such as anxiety, discomfort, and inflammation, expanding access to alternative wellness solutions.

Responding to a growing consumer interest in higher potency CBD options for pets, Celestial Stem has introduced a range of tinctures and treats. These new products made with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, are designed to seamlessly integrate into pets' daily routines, ensuring their care and wellbeing are supported consistently.

"Celestial Stem is committed to the wellness of all pets, providing high-quality and powerful solutions to improve their lives," commented Jason Axtolis, CEO of Celestial Stem. "The introduction of high dosage CBD pet products stems from paying attention to our consumers' needs, presenting a way to support larger pets with the benefits of CBD."

The new pet product line showcases tinctures with heightened CBD content and treats made with the finest human-grade ingredients. Celestial Stem ensures their products remain free of artificial preservatives and unnecessary additives to uphold the health and safety of pets.

In parallel, Celestial Stem continues to cater to its human clientele with a comprehensive array of CBD products. These include artisanal gummies, tinctures, topical preparations, bath bombs, and wellness teas that adhere to stringent quality protocols.

The in-person experience at the CBD shop in Mesa allows customers to explore and interact with the products first-hand. Meanwhile, the company's online store serves those who prefer to shop from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Celestial Stem remains dedicated to customer satisfaction by offering free shipping within the US and a 30-day return policy.

"With our newly launched high dosage CBD pet products, we're addressing a crucial need for pet owners who resort to alternative wellness forms for their animals," added Axtolis. "The core values of quality and customer care that define Celestial Stem are now accessible to a wider range of pet owners, offering solutions for pets of all sizes."

While the products target health and wellness, Celestial Stem stresses the importance of consulting with a veterinarian prior to integrating CBD into a pet's healthcare routine. Reciprocally, the new CBD pet line and all other Celestial Stem products align with regulatory standards and offer products that contain small amounts of THC and THC Free options.

Those interested in the new collection of CBD pet products or any other offerings from Celestial Stem are encouraged to visit the CBD shop in Mesa or their online platform. The team at Celestial Stem is dedicated to offering comprehensive information about CBD and its applications, ensuring customers make informed decisions for themselves and their pets.

The debut of high dosage CBD pet products reflects Celestial Stem's continuous pursuit of innovation and adaptation within the wellness sector, exemplifying their commitment to product superiority and customer service.


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