Broadlinc Announces Expansion of Broadband Access in Southern and Eastern Kentucky, Set to Transform Rural Connectivity

Published December 1, 2023
Owenton, Kentucky -

November 30, 2023: OWENTON, KY – Broadlinc, a local broadband service provider, has announced a transformative expansion to increase internet accessibility in Southern and Eastern Kentucky. This initiative emerges from a strategic partnership with The Center for Rural Development, backed by a $10 million portion of a broader $30 million grant initiative. This project embodies Broadlinc's commitment to connecting unserved or underserved communities, impacting approximately 33,000 homes with cutting-edge broadband services.

Kerry Bowlin, President of Broadlinc, asserts, "This initiative represents a pivotal moment for rural Kentucky. Our efforts will not only connect homes but will also foster a thriving, connected community that stimulates economic growth and empowers individuals to work and learn remotely."

From left are Judge-Executive J. Woods Adams III, Lincoln County; Mayor Todd DePriest of Jenkins; Judge-Executive Terry Adams, Letcher County; Judge-Executive Howell Holbrook Jr, Rockcastle County; State Rep. Tom O’Dell Smith; Cloyd Bumgardner, Pulaski County Judge/Administrative Assistant; Lonnie Lawson, President and CEO of The Center for Rural Development, Judge-Executive Harry Clark, Rowan County; Judge-Executive Mike Mitchell, Knox County; Brad Kilbey, CEO of Accelecom; State Sen. Robert Stivers; TJ Scott, Vice President of Operations, Broadlinc; Jeremy Holbrook, Boyd County Commissioner, and Judge-Executive Pat White Jr. of Whitley County.

Echoing this sentiment, TJ Scott, Broadlinc's VP of Operations, highlights the broader implications of the initiative: "By enabling access to reliable broadband, we are unlocking a world of opportunities for Southern Kentucky, fundamentally changing the way people live and work."

The endeavor will leverage the latest in fixed wireless technology, including 5G LTE, to provide at least 25mbps down/3mbps up internet speeds. Broadlinc's network design strategically utilizes licensed CBRS and EBS Spectrum to deliver a high-performance wireless experience across nine critical counties.

“We have all now seen how important reliable internet is almost every aspect of our lives. ” said Lonnie Lawson, President and CEO of The Center for Rural Development. “With this expansion, we are taking a monumental step towards bridging the digital divide in rural Kentucky. This is a further testament to our commitment to empowering and enriching our communities.”

Broadlinc prioritizes a collaborative approach, actively engaging with the communities it serves to tailor the broadband rollout to their unique needs. The project kick-off is scheduled for early 2024, with the first sites going live in Pulaski County.

Partnerships with key organizations like The Center for Rural Development, the Commonwealth of KY and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) underscore the collaborative nature of the project, ensuring a comprehensive approach to rural development.

With this expansion, Broadlinc not only addresses the current digital divide but also sets the stage for ongoing growth and development in digital literacy and broadband access across rural Kentucky. The company is also ready to engage with the NTIA’s BEAD program for future enhancements and connectivity improvements.

The anticipated economic and social impact of the initiative is significant, promoting rural development and potentially reversing the urban migration trend by making remote lifestyles more feasible.

Broadlinc is prepared to tackle the inherent challenges of the project, drawing on its expertise in fixed wireless installations and robust spectrum access to serve previously hard-to-reach areas.

Residents eager to experience the Broadlinc difference can explore their service options by visiting the company’s website at The 'Check Availability' feature provides quick insights, and for personalized queries, the 'Contact Us' form ensures a swift and responsive answer.

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About Broadlinc: Broadlinc uses a combination of fiber optic, cable, and wireless internet to deliver the last mile of the internet to Kentucky’s rural towns. Their redundant systems help ensure more uptime, while their personalized customer service and IT support help solve internet problems that have plagued customers with other providers.

Brittany Derderian
Director of Marketing


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