Best Caviar Shop Singapore - Nomad's Online Caviar Store Delivers Premium Kaluga Hybrid in SG

Published August 22, 2023

NOMAD Caviar Singapore always delivers farm fresh caviar from the farm to the table. Caviar is roe or unfertilized fish egg masses that are harvested from the sturgeon family of fish. Available through their online store is the Kaluga Hybrid. Caviar is known to be expensive but NOMAD has found a way to cut out the middlemen to reduce the price and allow people to enjoy it as an everyday luxury. For more information visit

Jason Cohen, founder of NOMAD Caviar, says, “After extensive research, travels, and numerous tastings, we finally found the perfect farms to collaborate with on our vision. What could be better than supporting a sustainable farm and sharing the savings with our customers? Sourced from only the most sustainable farms, NOMAD Caviar cuts out the middlemen to bring you the finest caviar, sized to share, and at a price you didn’t think was possible. We bring to you the highest quality Kaluga Hybrid caviar from sustainable, reputable farmers. You can buy one of the best caviar you can find online in Singapore here. We provide delivery throughout the country.”

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The Kaluga Hybrid Caviar comes from a cousin to the farmed Beluga and features a big, firm, bronze-colored bead, and offers full flavor with noteworthy minerality. It is considered to be the perfect combination of two sturgeon fishes that are native to the Amur River basin. The caviar is packed in airtight cans to ensure it arrives at the customer’s home still fresh and ready to eat.

Caviar is typically salty, but the saltiness depends on the variety. The tiny roe will burst open inside the mouth, offering a buttery flavour, with a slight sweet and nutty taste. Completely raw and unpasteurized caviar is usually preferred as it offers the best texture and flavour. It is typically served raw on top of a bed of ice and then eaten with a caviar spoon. This particular type of spoon is also available through NOMAD Caviar Singapore. The usual silver or steel spoons are not used because they can affect the flavour of caviar, adding a metallic taste to it. The caviar spoon is therefore made from pearl or bone. Caviar may then be eaten right off the spoon or with crackers, toast points, or blini.

As previously announced, NOMAD Caviar Singapore also offers the NOMAD Caviar Bowl, which is made of glass and has a rounded ice compartment where the conical caviar container, also made of glass, will be placed on top to keep the perfect temperature for the caviar.

NOMAD Caviar Singapore was established by Jason Cohen and aims to bring the best quality, sustainably farmed sturgeon eggs directly from the farm to the customer’s table to be enjoyed as a main course, not just a mouthful. The company’s goal is to enable people to enjoy caviar as it was meant to be across the ages, served abundantly. The success of NOMAD Caviar can be attributed to a variety of reasons, particularly with the way the company always takes the time to discover the appropriate sources. They are always conscious of how the environment may be affected and focus on the importance of ethics in transactions. To make sure that their business operation has no negative impact on existing wildlife or the environment, they only source their products from the most sustainable farms that can offer the best caviar.

Those who would like to have caviar delivered by NOMAD Caviar Singapore can check out their website at or contact them through the telephone or by email.


For more information about NOMAD Caviar Singapore, contact the company here:

NOMAD Caviar Singapore
Jason Cohen
30 Cecil St, # 19-08 PRUDENTIAL TOWER, Singapore 049712

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