Be The Change, A Psychotherapy Treatment For Depression in Sonoma County, Now Accepting Insurance for TMS services

Published July 31, 2023
Santa Rosa, California -

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA JULY 2023 – Be The Change in Mental Health of Santa Rosa California, an industry leader in Psychotherapy Treatment, is pleased to announce it is now able to bill some third party insurance carriers for TMS services. The facility combines the best of psychotherapy with mental health treatment to help their clients overcome depression, anxiety, and complex traumas. Specializing in Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAP) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Be The Change in Mental Health (BTC) is excited to serve more clients through their new insurance programs.

Accepting all insurances except medicare and medicaid, Be The Change in Mental Health can now provide their life changing services to more people in need. Their TMS Standard Course, which normally costs close to $11,000 is the only treatment covered by insurance. This course includes 30-36 treatments with a TMS specialist. When it comes to treatment for depression in Sonoma County, TMS is one of the most cutting edge therapies. It has been lauded for its ability to undo years of depression.

“TMS therapy is life changing,” says Dr. Marisha Chillcot, MD. “We help people who’ve been suffering from depression for a long time make amazing breakthroughs. TMS therapy is different from prescriptions or ‘talk it out’ therapy because it literally delivers energy to stimulate the parts of the brain that are affected by depression. TMS treats depression on a biological level in ways traditional treatment cannot. We are delighted that we can negotiate with insurance for single case agreements and help people get much needed relief.”

BTC also offers ketamine assisted therapy. While this treatment is not covered by insurance, there are financing options for plans that make treatment more affordable. According to the BTC website, ketamine is a "dissociative anesthetic with properties that have a unique effect on the mind and body." This medication has been FDA approved for more than 50 years, and it is known for producing ‘out of body’ experiences. When administered in a therapeutic setting, ketamine acts as a mind-lubricating tool that can help people work through depression and trauma. Be the Change in Mental Health’s Director of Psychological Services Dr. Marty Lajoie says they recommend a multi-stage ketamine assisted psychotherapy treatment program designed to help people overcome their mental health issues.

“Our ketamine assisted therapy consists of 4 stages: consultation, preparation, experience and integration. From start to finish we make sure that ketamine assisted therapy is right for you, and after treatment we make sure you have the tools to integrate therapy into your everyday life.”

As it relates to psychedelic-assisted therapies, ketamine is the only legal substance at the moment. When psilocybin and MDMA become available, Be The Change in Mental Health will be one of the first to start treatment. Psychedelic-assisted therapies like these can help patients open their minds to new avenues of thinking, and healing parts of themselves that have been broken for a long time. This type of treatment can benefit people who have tried the traditional methods without success.

With a mission to "bring psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and other revolutionary treatment modalities for mental wellness to the public in a safe, medically-supervised, and legal manner,” Be The Change in Mental Health hopes to see alternative therapy grow in the coming years. Knowing just how powerful their treatments can be, they are hopeful more people will learn about them and come to them to get the help they need.

“Depression and trauma are not easy to navigate, and many times people just become numb to all the pain,” says Dr. Chilcott. “If you or someone you know needs help and wants to try something that is evidenced-back alternative treatment, then please reach out to us and schedule a consultation today. One meeting with us can jumpstart your road to lasting recovery.”

For more information on Be The Change in Mental Health or to learn about their treatments, please visit their website at For media inquiries, please contact Dr. Marisha Chilcott by phone at 707-800-7568 , by email They are located at 2800 Cleveland Ave Ste C, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.


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