Alpha Therapeutics Breaks New Ground with Enhanced CBD Line-Up

Published July 6, 2023

Paradise Valley, AZ - Alpha Therapeutics, a trailblazing health and wellness company headquartered in the tranquil surroundings of Paradise Valley, Arizona, is once again asserting its commitment to high-quality CBD solutions. The company has unveiled an upgraded range of products, including an extra strength CBD oil, a 3000mg CBD solution, and a 2,000 mg CBD healing balm, all doctor formulated and prepared to the highest industry standards.

Alpha Therapeutics' owner Geoff Dada, a passionate advocate for the potential of CBD, spoke about the company's newest line of products, "Our enhanced extra strength CBD oil stands at the forefront of this release. Formulated by top-tier doctors with deep industry knowledge, it boasts a potent 3000mg CBD content designed for those seeking stronger solutions to their health challenges."

This rejuvenated product portfolio excitingly unveils the groundbreaking 2,000 mg CBD healing balm. This forward-thinking formulation, expertly engineered, aims to serve the unique needs of those seeking potent, targeted relief applied directly to their skin. Infused with the therapeutic benefits of high-quality CBD, the healing balm is a testament to Alpha Therapeutics' dedication to impactful wellness solutions.

Geoff Dada, in articulating the compelling benefits of this innovative product, illustrates its effectiveness, "Our transformative healing balm embodies our promise of relief and revitalization. It delivers a potent dose of 2,000mg of CBD straight to the source of discomfort, swiftly addressing areas of concern. This targeted action, combined with the holistic benefits of CBD, supports the alleviation of localized discomfort while fostering overall wellbeing, assisting our customers in reclaiming control of their health journey."

Addressing the growing demand for easy-to-use, portable relief, Alpha Therapeutics presents the 2,000 mg CBD pain stick. This pocket-friendly solution ensures immediate relief in a convenient and user-friendly package. Dada shares, "Our pain stick offers 2,000mg of CBD in a simple, on-the-go format. It's designed to help our customers manage discomfort at their convenience, wherever they might be."

In unwavering commitment to their mission of delivering all-encompassing wellness solutions, Alpha Therapeutics is proud to announce the incorporation of CBN and CBG products into their powerful therapeutic lineup. With a particular focus on the needs of individuals grappling with sleep disturbances, these novel offerings embody the company's pledge to address the entirety of their customers' health and wellbeing requirements.

CBN and CBG, two cannabinoids often overlooked in favor of their more famous cousin, CBD, are the unsung heroes of the cannabinoid world. Despite their lesser-known status, their potency is anything but negligible. In recent times, these compelling compounds have begun to emerge from the shadows, gaining much-deserved recognition for their potential to aid restful sleep.

These innovative sleep-centric products harness the power of CBN and CBG, offering a natural and potent option to individuals seeking to reclaim their nights. Alpha Therapeutics' pioneering move to integrate these cannabinoids into their product line further solidifies their position at the forefront of the industry, always ahead of the curve in understanding and meeting the holistic wellness needs of their customers.

"We believe in the power of all cannabinoids, not just CBD," said Dada. "Our new line of CBN and CBG products have been meticulously crafted to promote restful sleep, helping users recharge and embrace a new day with vigor."

As a pioneering force in the CBD industry, Alpha Therapeutics continues to push boundaries and champion the integration of CBD into everyday wellness regimens. All products are designed with the customer's health in mind, using only the highest quality, third-party tested ingredients.

The mission, in Geoff Dada's words, remains clear: "At Alpha Therapeutics, our objective is to bring the best possible CBD products to the market. We do this by marrying cutting-edge research with our steadfast commitment to quality and customer care. Our customers trust us to deliver potent, reliable products that can truly make a difference in their lives – and we take that responsibility very seriously."

For more information about Alpha Therapeutics and their extensive range of CBD products, visit or call (833) 257-4279.

About Alpha Therapeutics

Alpha Therapeutics, based in Paradise Valley, Arizona, is an industry-leading health and wellness company committed to developing high-quality CBD products. Founded by Geoff Dada, Alpha Therapeutics believes in the potential of cannabinoids to enhance everyday wellness and improve quality of life. Their doctor-formulated CBD solutions include oils, balms, and specialized CBN and CBG products for sleep.


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