Akron Roofer Explains How Gutter Guards Work

Published November 27, 2023
Akron, Ohio -

TK Roofing & Gutters, based in Akron, OH, has published a new article that aims to confirm whether or not gutter guards are capable of handling heavy rainfall. ‘Can Gutter Guards Handle Heavy Rain?’ explains how gutter guards work, what impact adverse weather can have on them and more. The article (and the company’s services) can be found here: Gutter Guards Installation Near Me.

“Heavy rainfall in Ohio,” the article explains, "can push gutter systems to their limits, leading to potential water damage. When rain gutters can't handle the amount of water, it overflows and spills over the edges. This is a major problem during Ohio's intense rainstorms, where inches of rainfall can accumulate rapidly.”

Gutters that are not ‘defended’ by gutter guards will always be at risk of being clogged with debris of all kinds, such as leaves, sediment and so on. Whatever the cause of a clog, however, the outcome is always the same: a blockage that disrupts water flow. Normally, this will not immediately cause problems, but the company strongly advises Akron homeowners to consider it an opportunity to resolve matters before the situation devolves.

If not fixed, a blocked gutter will be more likely to experience overflow during heavy rainfall. The consequences of this can be severe, from basement flooding (which the article points out can in turn affect the integrity of a home’s foundation) to damage that affects the structure above ground. The latter may be caused by water infiltration, such as via the siding, fascia boards and even the roof. TK Roofing & Gutters urges homeowners not to treat their home as if it is completely waterproof based simply on the ‘evidence’ that they have no internal signs of a leak (or similar phenomena).

The article states, “Ensuring gutters are equipped to handle heavy rain is crucial in preventing these issues. Gutter guards play a vital role in maintaining the flow of water, directing it away from the home, and minimizing the risk of costly damages associated with heavy rainfall.”

Fortunately, there are several paths that a homeowner may take to prevent this. TK Roofing & Gutters recommends that they consider the following gutter solutions: screen gutter guards, foam gutter guards, micro-mesh gutter guards and gutter helmets. All of these work to a certain extent, offering distinct advantages (and drawbacks). TK Roofing & Gutters says homeowners should consider which is right for their home — or seek a professional inspection and opinion — since there is a noticeable difference in how effective they are.

Screen gutter guards, for instance, are popular primarily as a result of their low cost and ease of installation, especially since the average homeowner will likely be able to add them without professional assistance. Unfortunately, they may still struggle in particularly heavy rainfall, especially if their screens are clogged by debris. Conversely, gutter helmets utilize a curved design to deflect debris without impeding water flow. While these are known to perform well in heavy downpours, the article says they do tend to require professional installation for optimal functionality.

Ideally, it is recommended that homeowners select options that provide the most waterflow in all conditions. If a solution is likely to fare poorly in a stress test, such as during heavy rainfall, it should not be considered suitable for the task. This is why TK Roofing & Gutters often recommends micro mesh gutters and gutter helmets to their customers.

The article explains, “One of the most significant advantages is the reduced need for regular cleaning and constant gutter maintenance. Gutter guards prevent leaves, pine needles, and other unwanted debris from entering and resulting in clogged gutters. This ensures efficient water flow during heavy downpours and minimizes the risk of water damage to your home.”

Ohio is notorious for the heavy rainfall it experiences, which means homeowners would do well to protect their gutters (and their homes) with dedicated, designed-for-purpose solutions. While the article from TK Roofing & Gutters offers more insight on choosing the right gutter guard, homeowners and other customers are welcome to contact the company directly for personalized assistance.


TK Roofing & Gutters can be reached via phone or email. More information regarding the company’s full range of services can be found on their official website. A related press release can be found at: https://www.pressadvantage.com/i_story/60837-prevent-clogged-gutters-and-water-damage-with-leaf-relief-from-tk-roofing-and-gutters.


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