Acme Concrete Specializing in Polyurethane Injection Technology Provides Reliable Sidewalk Leveling and Raising Services in Chicagoland to Prevent Expensive Property Damage

Published May 10, 2023

Acme Concrete Raising & Repair repairs sunken sidewalks. The business is an expert in polyurethane concrete raising and stabilizing and is among the most experienced contractors in Chicagoland. Its services are tailored to fix uneven surfaces, drainage problems, and ensure walkways meet the required code efficiently and affordably.

Crystal Lake, IL: According to announcements released by Acme Concrete, it offers specialized sidewalk leveling and raising services in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Through its efficient services, the business's concrete repair projects are completed within a few hours, and property owners can use the sidewalk or walkway in a short time.

The business states that it is essential to address any excessive step heights and tripping hazards caused by uneven sidewalks, which are regularly detected during annual commercial property inspections and home inspections during property sales. Sunken, settled sidewalks can pose various problems, including local building code violations and significant liability concerns, necessitating immediate concrete raising and leveling to avoid costly property repairs and legal consequences.

According to sources, incorrect steps and drop-offs can cause costly property damage, create hazardous trip and fall situations, especially for elderly and young pedestrians, and expose property owners to liability. The most common issues caused by uneven sidewalks and walkways include poor water drainage, floods, uneven and damaged expansion joints, and step height problems obstructing visitors, carriers, and couriers.

Subbase settlement or erosion can cause unevenness in the support structures beneath walkways and sidewalks, resulting in sinking concrete slabs and stress cracks at control joints and other areas. Therefore, it is crucial to stabilize and restore structural integrity, prevent exposing the foundation of the building to the elements, and thwart trip hazards.

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Acme Concrete Raising & Repair cautions that failure of the material used to raise concrete is the most common reason for raised concrete to sink again. Rain and moisture usually cause mudjacking materials to soften and slump back down or wash out, while the excessive weight of mudjacking materials can also promote further settling. This business relies on polyurethane, which outperforms mudjacking. The poly used is lightweight, completely water-resistant, and does not slump or wash out from beneath the concrete, ensuring a long-lasting solution for concrete repair needs.

Acme Concrete recommends verifying the certification of a contractor's installers before selecting them. Concrete raising certifications are crucial in evaluating a company's employees' competence and expertise. It advises against employing unqualified installers, which can compromise quality and safety.

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About the Company:

Acme Concrete combines specialized expertise with the latest equipment, materials, and modern procedures to raise sidewalks and ensure safe walking facilities. The business has created the Smart Lift System, a reliable solution to settled concrete exclusively provided in Chicagoland. The services provided by Acme Concrete are a value-for-money proposition for its clients.

Contact Information:

Company: Acme Concrete Raising & Repair, Inc.

Address: 824 S. Main Street, Suite 105, Crystal Lake, IL 60014-6265

Phone: 815-264-2200




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Acme Concrete Raising & Repair, Inc
Mike Fetherling
824 S Main Street
Suite 105
Crystal Lake, IL 60014-6265

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