(un)Common Logic Announces Expansion of Its Paid Media Services Along with an Exciting Offer

Published May 19, 2023
Austin, Texas -

Austin-based digital marketing agency (un)Common Logic has announced that it is expanding its paid media service offerings into other channels. To bookmark the milestone, it will be offering free paid media audits, called Hood Pop audits, to five new people, on a first-come first-serve basis.

(un)Common Logic takes a data-driven approach to paid media marketing that unearths easily overlooked information with the potential to deliver the highest return on investment. Using Search Engine Marketing (SEM), (un)Common Logic helps businesses overcome the growth plateau that they inevitably face in paid media performance.

The company’s SEM services include paid media audits, paid search ads, product listing ads, mobile ads, and international campaigns. Its Display Advertising services include remarketing, programmatic advertising, ads on social media platforms, and video ads. Readers are urged to visit (un)Common Logic’s website to browse through several case studies showcasing the tangible results it was able to deliver to clients using the aforementioned services.

(un)Common Logic’s 165-point paid media audits track not just performance but also a wealth of information that goes ignored in common free audits such as tracking, strategic alignment with business goals, and potential ways to optimize paid traffic strategies. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, (un)Common Logic claims that it can find and summarize actual, usable, and profitable insights for its clients.

The company’s paid traffic audits investigate metrics in 15 categories including the paid media competitive landscape within a vertical, account structure and settings, keyword management, including negative keywords, organization of campaigns and ad groups, ad copy and offers, bid management, including any automated bid management tools, display advertising, performance metrics, landing page alignment, mobile ads, remarketing campaigns, shopping/PLA campaigns, use of ad extensions to maximize performance, tracking within the ad platform, and integration with analytics platforms.

Senior Account Manager, Ashlee Andres talks about what makes the (un)Common Logic approach to paid media marketing different by saying, “Ten years ago, the paid media industry was focused on doing everything manually. Five years ago, the hot trend was to automate everything. Now, it’s more about personalization and customization at scale. Throughout all those years, we’ve customized our paid media approaches to fit client needs, audiences, and goals. Some automation is good, to maximize efficiency; some things are best handled manually using human intelligence. We don’t blindly follow trends or casually discard proven strategies. Instead, we pick the best parts of what’s worked in the past, what works now, and what looks promising for the future. If you are ready to put our experience to work, contact us today to get started.”

The company assigns all clients an account manager who is tasked with keeping them up to date on the performance of its paid media campaigns. Transparent, honest, and responsive communication ensures that (un)Common Logic is ready to respond quickly to business challenges that may pop up from time to time. The company’s focus on offering high-touch customer service ensures that account managers handle no more than 8 small accounts or 1 large account, allowing them to give each client personalized attention.

(un)Common Logic also prides itself on taking a meticulous approach to managing its clients’ precious monetary resources. On its website, the company claims to “treat our clients’ paid media investment as if it’s our own money.” As a result, clients get a trustworthy partner who won’t prioritize its own profitability over theirs. The company pairs the expertise of its skilled team of digital marketers with just the right level of automation to reallocate funds from low-value non-converting traffic and focuses it on avenues that drive growth.

The agency’s services have struck a chord with its clients who praise its customer service, varied services, and ability to get results. A recent review of its paid media services says, “Working with UCL has been great! The attention to detail on our accounts has been a tremendous help. Would recommend UCL for your business, especially for PPC, and Google Shopping.”

Readers are urged to contact (un)Common Logic soon at (512) 872-6943 and secure their free paid media audit before slots run out.



For more information about (un)Common Logic, contact the company here:

(un)Common Logic
(un)Common Logic
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