ZIRO Offers Microsoft Teams Phone with Calling Plan Trial

Published August 17, 2023
ZIRO Makes Pilots and Trials Easier for Mid-Size and Large Enterprises

Aug. 17, 2023 / PRZen / DENVER -- ZIRO, a unified communications software and services provider, announced today it is launching a new pilot program to assist mid-size and large enterprises to do Microsoft Teams phone with calling plan trials.

Mid-size and large enterprises need to conduct pilot projects before larger rollouts of Microsoft Teams phone systems for several important reasons:
  • ·         Testing and Validation: Pilots help identify any technical issues, glitches, or compatibility problems early on, minimizing disruptions during full-scale deployment. Due to doubt and uncertainty spread by competitors, many organizations need to test call quality and calling plan coverage.
  • ·         User Feedback & Buy-In: Pilots enable a subset of users to provide feedback on their experiences with Teams calling. This feedback is valuable for identifying user needs, preferences, and pain points. It allows enterprise IT to make necessary adjustments and improvements based on real-world usage and user perspectives.
  • ·         Customization and Configuration: Every organization's communication needs are unique. Pilots allow IT teams to tailor the Microsoft Teams phone systems to suit the enterprise's requirements. Requirements may include configuring call routing, integrating existing systems, and setting up policies for security and compliance.
  • ·         Change Management: Implementing a new communication system can significantly change workflows and routines, especially in large enterprises. A pilot phase allows organizations to fine-tune their change management strategies. It enables them to understand how employees adapt to the new system, address resistance, and provide necessary training.
  • ·         Risk Mitigation: By initially implementing the Microsoft Teams phone system on a smaller scale, organizations can identify and mitigate potential risks before a full-scale deployment. Risk mitigation includes assessing security vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance with regulations, and evaluating the impact on network bandwidth.
  • ·         Scalability Testing: Large enterprises have complex communication needs, and the Microsoft Teams phone system must be able to scale seamlessly to accommodate increased usage. Pilots help assess the system's scalability and performance under varying workloads, ensuring it can handle the demands of a more extensive user base.
  • ·         Resource Planning: Pilots provide insights into the resources required for a successful implementation. Resources may include evaluating the need for additional software licenses and IT support. Organizations can use pilot results to refine their resource allocation strategies.
  • ·         Proof of Concept: Pilots serve as proof of concept for decision-makers and stakeholders. They demonstrate the tangible benefits of the Microsoft Teams phone system, such as improved collaboration, efficiency gains, and cost savings. A successful pilot can help secure buy-in for a broader rollout.
  • ·         Smooth Transition: Organizations can iron out any operational challenges and streamline processes by implementing the Teams phone system on a smaller scale. Trials and pilots pave the way for a smoother transition to the new system.
"We've seen a growing desire by mid-size and large organizations to conduct pilots before making broader commitments to Microsoft Teams phone systems," said David Perlis, ZIRO Chief Operating Officer. "Most larger organizations want to be sure the connectivity solutions will provide the call quality and coverage needed along with a user experience that fits their end users."

"Fear mongering by competitors has created uncertainty about Teams Calling's ability to provide the call quality, coverage, and scalability large enterprises need," said Steven Karachinsky. "Pilots are a great way to dispel these rumors and, at the same time, prepare the enterprise for an effective migration.

ZIRO takes the hassle out of Microsoft Teams phone systems by providing the expertise, transparency, and responsiveness that enterprises need to succeed in the future of unified communications.

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Source: ZIRO, Inc.

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