Yoki Finance Announces Launch of Token Subscription App on September 4th: bringing decentralization to the Dollar-Cost-Averaging

Published August 21, 2023
Aug. 20, 2023 / PRZen / -- Yoki Finance, an uprising DeFi protocol, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its Token Subscription app on September 4th. This innovative application introduces a novel approach to purchase automation, aiming to bring greater control and accessibility to Web3 transactions.

Token Subscription App: Transforming The Way People Buy Crypto

Yoki Finance's Token Subscription app represents a fundamental shift in the world of Web3 payments. Rooted in the concept of Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), the app allows users to automate their recurring token purchases, regardless of market fluctuations. By mitigating the necessity of perfect market timing, the app empowers users to build their assets gradually, minimizing the impact of volatility.

Empowerment Through Control

Central to the Token Subscription app's ethos is user empowerment. Operating on a non-custodial protocol, Yoki Finance ensures users maintain full ownership and control over their digital assets. This approach aligns with blockchain principles, allowing users to execute transactions and manage assets without intermediaries.

Diverse Use Cases for a Dynamic Ecosystem

Yoki Finance's Token Subscription app is the first among several planned features for the Yoki Finance ecosystem. The platform envisions solving various challenges related to recurring Web3 payments. Dollar-Cost Averaging is just the initial offering in this versatile ecosystem that will cater to the diverse needs of users engaging in Web3-based transactions.

Exclusive Early Access Opportunity

In anticipation of the official launch, Yoki Finance is extending an invitation to individuals interested in participating in the early access phase of the Token Subscription app. This early release period grants participants an opportunity to experience the app's features firsthand. Early adopters will utilize the app's feeless and gasless transaction model for efficient and cost-effective transactions.

Application and Selection Process

Prospective users interested in early access can apply by completing a brief application form accessible at https://yoki.finance/welcome. Selected applicants will gain exclusive access to explore the app's benefits prior to its public launch and get a chance to receive exclusive OG NFTs.

About Yoki Finance

Yoki Finance is a Web3 solution that empowers users to automate recurring crypto payments seamlessly. With its non-custodial protocol, Yoki Finance enables developers to create a wide range of products, including recurring billing for SaaS, gated content access, donations, DAO payments, and automated loan repayments.

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