Another Promotion at McLean-based Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Business

Published February 12, 2024
and that only one month after promoting Vice-President Christy Kline.

Feb. 12, 2024 / PRZen / MCLEAN, Va. -- Office manager Julie Lessner has been with KSR Pet Care for 8 years and excels at administrative organization. Julie came to KSR Pet Care with a degree in accounting, customer service and experience in dog walking and pet sitting. Her promotion to Administrative Director therefore is in line with Julie's talent and skills in her career development.

"Julie is a good listener and great at communication with our staff and clients although I know she loves admin time above all in her job, especially finances and our client and pet database. What others might call boring, Julie finds therapeutic," says Christy Kline, Vice-President at KSR Pet Care. "Her attention to detail and keeping clean records show she has a true knack for it."

Known for being an emphatic leader, Julie Lessner is always willing to help out colleagues or pets on or off the job. "She reads people very well," says Karen Rosenberg, Owner/President at KSR Pet Care. "In her new role as a director, I therefore plan to involve Julie in our HR staff evaluations and hiring process as hiring is a crucial aspect in our industry since our staff takes care of homes and pets while their owners are usually absent."

Julie Lessner's promotion to Administrative Director puts her in the driver's seat next to Vice-President Christy Kline who is a concise communicator and runs KSR Pet Care's daily operations. "I can assure you, together these two ladies are quite the power team! I am blessed to have them by my side," concludes Karen Rosenberg.

Does this mean KSR Pet Care's owner is ready to retire? "I struggle with some personal family health issues which keep me at times pre-occupied," explains Karen Rosenberg. "I want to empower my office staff and enable them to function independently in the right position of authority but without the need for me to retire. After 8- and 9-years Julie Lessner and Christy Kline respectively have gained the experience to do just that. And at the same time, they know they can always fall back on me."

It seems this small business of 800+ active clients continues to thrive by having a quality support team in the office to lead the 30+ field staff while at the same time offering excellent customer service.

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