New Real Estate "Just Looking" Program Is A Huge Hit With Sarasota Area Residents!

Published August 21, 2023
Since housing inventory is at an all time low, it's proven to be difficult for homebuyers to find available properties. The NEW Just Looking Program is getting them access to property info with no sales pressure!

Aug. 20, 2023 / PRZen / SARASOTA, Fla. -- There's lots of interest in the real estate market right now and little inventory to choose from. Making it worse, you often have to submit your personal contact information to get access to details, then that information is sometimes sold to various lenders, Realtors or other service providers, clogging up your phone with unwanted calls and solicitations.

A local real estate agent has provided a solution to this with their new "Just Looking Program". With this approach, you have a 5 minute conversation about what your perfect house would be like and where it would be located, then they simply notify you of those properties as they are listed and sometimes even BEFORE they hit the open market.

In today's world, many of the best properties never even hit the open market so searching around online can be a waste of time as you are just seeing leftover houses. Kim Blue's new Just Looking Program will not only get you access to listed houses, but also a large group of private liquidation sales, pre-market homes, New Construction Red Tag Sales and unlisted properties so that you know about them before anyone else even knows they are available. This eliminates bidding wars and can get you access to much better quality properties at better prices.

When asked how this new-age approach to locating homes works, Kim said the following: "I've found that a lot of people are just casually looking around at houses with no big need for urgency, but if they find the PERFECT house, they'd act immediately. My new Just Looking Program allows them to get access to perfect houses and never be bothered by an agent that just wants to "follow up" with them or try to push them into looking at houses. This program is great for those that own a home right now and just want to casually look around for their perfect fit in another property. They'll never have to even discuss selling their home until the Just Looking approach finds the perfect house for them. It's all totally free of charge, no obligation and absolutely no pressure. Just free access to better quality homes."

For residents looking for a possible home in the future, this is the perfect fit, it's free of charge and gets you access to a better list of properties. Simply contact Kim Blue for your 5-minute set up over the phone and begin getting insider access!

"Hardworking, Honest and Professional - Kim and Dave were outstanding!   They helped us find the home of our dreams on Longboat Key and helped us jump through SO many unexpected hoops to get it closed.  Kim knows the market and knows the right professionals in the area to get inspections, repairs, financing. she works harder for the buyer than I have ever experience before.  She also sold our condo in downtown Sarasota in less than 3 weeks!!  I will recommend her to anyone buying or selling in the Sarasota area.  She truly cares about her clients and works so hard to get them their dream home.  She and Dave are always available when you need them and are such wonderful, professional, and truly kind people."  ~Kim & Bill – Longboat Key Buyers | Sarasota Sellers

About Kim Blue:  Kim has been a trusted Real Estate Expert Advisor, Target Market Specialist and serves buyers and sellers with a nontraditional Real Estate Agent approach.  If you are fed up with the traditional ways of the Real Estate Industry and are looking for a 5 Star Advisor to be on your side call Kim Blue today. Contact Kim Blue Directly by going to

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