Mensa Foundation Launches Ground-breaking Research Initiative

Published April 19, 2024
Findings will be incorporated into Foundation's support for gifted individuals

Apr. 19, 2024 / PRZen / HURST, Texas -- The Mensa Foundation proudly announces the launch of a groundbreaking research initiative aimed at better aligning the support it provides for gifted individuals. This initiative represents a significant step forward in broadening the understanding of intelligence by incorporating the lived experiences of individuals across the lifespan.

John Thompson, Director of Development and Organizational Impact at the Mensa Foundation, underscored the importance of this initiative. "This is the first major step toward identifying the unmet needs of gifted adults, an often-overlooked population," he said.

The research project reflects the Mensa Foundation's commitment to championing new knowledge around intelligence. Through a multidimensional approach, the Mensa Foundation seeks to explore diverse facets of giftedness beyond conventional measures, encompassing different ages, stages, and contexts of life. Key objectives of the research include:
  • Identifying specific unmet needs of gifted adults in education, career development, social and emotional support, and mental health.
  • Exploring various dimensions of giftedness, including creativity, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence.
  • Producing a comprehensive report with recommendations to better support gifted individuals, informed by the research findings.
The research methodology integrates a thorough review of existing literature, surveys of Mensa members and non-members identified as gifted, focus groups, interviews with gifted individuals, and consultation with experts in the fields of intelligence and giftedness.

The Mensa Foundation invites stakeholders, including individuals, families, educators, mental health professionals, and organizations to engage with the research findings and collaborate in fostering the well-being and personal fulfillment of gifted individuals across the lifespan.

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