Local Reno Jeweler Wins Gold at Muse Awards, Champions Diversity

Published April 18, 2024
BVW Jewelers, established in 2013 by Britten Wolf, specializes in unique, custom-made fine jewelry. Located in Reno, Nevada, our store is dedicated to crafting exquisite jewelry pieces while fostering a community that values creativity and inclusivity. Recent Achievements: Gold Muse Creative Award Winner: Our recent commercial, highlighting the rich diversity and historical narratives of Northern Nevada, received a Gold Muse Creative Award for its inclusive storytelling.

Apr. 18, 2024 / PRZen / RENO, Nev. -- BVW Jewelers, Bryon Evans Films, and ADJ Visions Win Gold at Muse Creative Awards and Feature at Cordillera International Film Festival for Inclusive Commercial

In a remarkable achievement, BVW Jewelers, in collaboration with Bryon Evans Films and ADJ Visions, has earned the prestigious Gold Muse Creative Award for their compelling commercial. This commercial, celebrating the rich diversity and historical resilience of black families in Northern Nevada during the Gold Rush, also featured at the Cordillera International Film Festival, earning accolades for its narrative depth and cultural sensitivity.

The award-winning commercial centers around the "Mpatapo" symbol, which signifies reconciliation and peace, effectively weaving a narrative that resonates with themes of diversity and inclusivity. This recognition is a significant honor, highlighting the commercial's success not only in the advertising sector but also within the broader film community.

"We are immensely proud of the recognition our collaborative effort has received, both from the Muse Creative Awards and the Cordillera International Film Festival," said Britten Wolf, owner of BVW Jewelers. "It underscores our commitment to fostering understanding and celebrating diversity through powerful storytelling."

Darius Devine of ADJ Visions added, "This project was an exceptional opportunity to bring the unique stories and talents of our community to the forefront. We are thrilled by the impact it has made and believe it will inspire continued dialogue and positive change."

The Muse Creative Awards are known for recognizing excellence in various creative and design disciplines, while the Cordillera International Film Festival is celebrated for its commitment to showcasing innovative and impactful films.

To view the award-winning commercial, please visit the Muse Creative Awards website: https://museaward.com/winners. For more information about the Cordillera International Film Festival and its mission, visit their official website: https://www.ciffnv.org.

About BVW Jewelers:
Founded by Britten Wolf, BVW Jewelers specializes in unique, custom-made fine jewelry. Located in Reno, Nevada, the company is a leader in integrating quality, innovation, and community engagement into its business practices, continually being recognized for its progressive and inclusive approach within the jewelry industry.

For further details on BVW Jewelers' commitment to diversity and representation, please visit https://www.bvwjewelers.com/blogs/blog/legacy.

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