Cohi Capital, LLC Launches Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading Operations and Announces Plans to Raise LP Round

Published August 18, 2023
New Hedge Fund Targets Cryptocurrency Niche for Outsized Returns

Aug. 18, 2023 / PRZen / SAN FRANCISCO -- Cohi Capital, LLC, a newly established financial technology company based in San Francisco, today announced the launch of its algorithmic cryptocurrency trading operations. The firm specializes in identifying opportunities in the long tail of low-liquidity, high-return assets, marking its strategic entry into the evolving digital asset market.

Cohi Capital plans to raise a Limited Partnership (LP) round to fuel the scaling of its operations in algorithmic cryptocurrency trading. The LP round will also provide the necessary resources to further refine trading strategies.

Cohi Capital's approach is designed to unlock significant investment opportunities within a broad spectrum of digital assets. These assets, often overlooked, offer high return potential and are an integral part of Cohi Capital's strategy. The company strives to differentiate itself as a leader in this niche yet expansive sector of the cryptocurrency market.

Key Features of Cohi Capital's Trading Operations Include:
  • Specialization in the long tail of digital assets, targeting untapped opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Incorporation of advanced machine learning models and other technologies in its trading strategies, aiming to efficiently navigate and capitalize on unique investment opportunities.

About Cohi Capital, LLC:

Cohi Capital ( is a crypto trading firm based in San Francisco, California. The company focuses on high-return opportunities within the cryptocurrency market, employing advanced techniques that include the analysis of social media activity to predict market action. Committed to innovation and excellence, Cohi Capital integrates advances in machine learning into its trading strategies to yield superior investment outcomes for its clients.

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