250,000 downloads later, Hampshire author releases new editions of her bestsellers

Published November 14, 2023
It's been a sometimes bewildering and passionate journey since 2010, but Dianna Hardy is still writing fiction and revamping her backlist.

Nov. 14, 2023 / PRZen / HAVANT, U.K. -- After four and a half years "on a hiatus" from writing, the fantasy and romance author known for her emotionally raw and explicit style, began to type the second novelette of a four-part series she left hanging in January, 2019.  A phase of burnout had her considering a career change, even if it hurt.

"It did hurt," she agrees. "My literary creativity did a Sleeping Beauty on me. I've loved writing and reading ever since I could do both, and when you get the chance to live a passion, it's a loss when you suddenly can't. It's like an emotional amputation."

Finally writing that fourth novelette, Dianna Hardy feels the joy returning. Not just for writing but publishing, too.

"I adore publishing independently, even if the challenges have me sometimes wondering why I put myself through it. But the creative freedom that comes with it is unmatched."

The new book covers for her Eye of the Storm werewolf series display that freedom she talks about with their moody look. They are not quite like other book covers in the genre.

She smiles. "I wanted to capture the layers of the series - that was really important to me. Fans of Eye of the Storm will recognise important story points in these covers and my hope is that new readers might be intrigued because there's a lot there behind the draw of the romance and spice."

And what a spice level it is! And an unconventional romance, to say the least.

Now, she laughs. "I'm one for exploration. This particular series goes 'out there' in many ways and gets quite dark, too, but that's also part of the storyline: the need to overcome a more animalistic nature and nurture a higher mind."

So, is she working to reach half a million downloads anytime soon?

"I don't want to think about it, I get nervous when I do! That 250,000 figure is for all downloads spanning thirteen years, including free ones - let me make that clear. It's been hard work, and sales often depend on the waves and phases of the industry as a whole. I mostly just want to have fun. My characters make me laugh, I'm passionate about my themes and plots, and I'm set to speak at one or two book events next year - that's good for now. I'm mostly just over the moon I'm writing again."

The Eye of the Storm paperbacks are released on 19th February, 2024 and can be pre-ordered in the UK. (Book sellers will be able to order through Gardners via Bookvault.)

Learn more about Dianna at https://www.diannahardy.com

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