'Let It Flow' Stage Play Releases Show's Music

Published September 29, 2023
"Let It Flow" releases crowd-favorite songs 'I See Me' and 'Lead Me On' after opening shows in Atlanta

Sep. 29, 2023 / PRZen / ATLANTA -- After its successful opening run on Sept. 6th – 9th at Atlanta's 7 Stages Theatre, "Let It Flow" stage play has something even more special to offer now: its music.

Allwrite Productions has released two of the songs from its new musical drama "Let It Flow" after audience members kept requesting the music and even walking out the show singing the songs. The first single "I See Me" (UPC# 859778545523) is a rousing empowerment anthem sung by actress and singer Dorian Kyles, who plays Brianna Larson in the play.

"Each time it was performed live, the audience clapped and some even gave an ovation," says director and lyricist Annette Johnson. "We see this beautiful song as important to the play as well as those who become enthralled by the character Brianna who wants to emancipate herself from her controlling religious family."

The second song released "Lead Me On," (UPC# 859778207117) is a deeply stirring gospel song sung by the show's lead, actor and singer Timothy Morris Lane, who plays Oliver Strong. "The full song is not performed during the play, but the audience hears enough of it to empathize with the agony the character feels as he decides whether to leave his life as he knows it to venture out into the unknown," explains Johnson.

The 2.5 hour show includes 14 original songs that range from R&B ballads to Southern church-styled selections that even include rap. Based on real-life events, "Let It Flow" tells the story of an influential megachurch pastor and his family whose closely-guarded secrets emerge as greater opportunities avail. The songs profoundly help to narrate and navigate the tale that provides greater insight into the interpersonal struggles within religious leadership who operates using force rather than flow.

"The full cast album is something we look forward to releasing," adds Johnson, "and it will include some of the other audience favorites, including the 'Like a Vapor,' 'Our Father Who Art on Earth,' and the moving duet titled 'Could It Be.'

Listen to and buy these two singles from the show on all streaming platforms, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music. Meet the cast and crew or get information on upcoming show dates, music and more at the website letitflow.show or on the show's Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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Source: Allwrite Productions Inc.

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