Plano, Texas's Premier Outdoor Lighting Company Available For Consultations

Published March 20, 2023

TX based Blingle Premier Lighting is offering a range of top-rated outdoor lighting solutions to Plano residents and businesses. The company specializes in establishing bright, durable, and functional outdoor lighting for a variety of purposes, and anyone can contact the team today to start planning a future installation.

Plano residents might already be familiar with some of Blingle’s work. The contractor is often called during seasonal events or holidays to create temporary arrangements that will be taken down after a certain period, so some may have come across the company’s work during Halloween, Christmas, the New Year and so on.

While their services do prove most popular during bigger events, the company says their team can also work on other projects, such as parties. This is also a temporary solution, but where a Christmas lighting solution, for instance, may be installed for a month or so, Blingle can rapidly install outdoor lighting for a garden party and take it all down in the next few days. It is entirely up to the client’s discretion and preferences.

As with the company’s seasonal installations, residents may have seen some of their work if they attended an outdoor wedding or other large gathering that had a custom lighting setup. Blingle has worked with countless clients to create installations for large events, such as weddings, corporate dinners or gatherings, family celebrations and more.

Blingle Premier Lighting states, “When you work with us, you can rest assured that every minor detail will be taken care of. We give clients the space they need to focus exclusively on the design they have in mind. Blingle not only executes that vision, we take care of all associated logistics and scheduling to ensure it meets your needs and expectations without fail. You will find that all of our lights come from the top manufacturers in the industry, because we accept no substitute for excellence. The design of your installation, its implementation and ultimately maintenance or removal will similarly meet the highest standards of quality.”

Notably, the company’s lighting setups currently utilize the best LED/RGB products they could find on the market, which also means that they boast more than twice the lumen brightness of Blingle’s closest competitor. The company is also pleased to offer a special No Lights Out Guarantee — designed to ensure the lights stay on throughout the period of installation. Each bulb is already manufactured to endure harsh weather and so on, but on the unlikely occasion one goes out, the company will dispatch a specialist to repair or replace it. The client can expect the problem to be resolved within 48 hours of the company being informed.

Conversely, the company can install lights on a more permanent basis. For instance, homeowners who want to brighten up their landscaping with custom setups can do so with Blingle’s help. The company can install lighting that serves a variety of purposes, from highlighting certain aspects of the property to simply providing enough lighting for residents to enjoy their garden during the evening hours.

The same is true for businesses. Given the highly competitive nature of the retail industry, for instance, a business could use every opportunity to stand out from its neighbors. A great way to do this is with exterior accent lighting, and Blingle is more than capable of implementing such designs. The company does both temporary and permanent lighting solutions for businesses as well, and they are adept at creating designs that are a reflection of the brand in question. Blingle provides clients both the resources and industry expertise to create a lasting impact on their customers, employees and business partners.

The company can produce a lighting demo that helps clients visualize the ultimate result, thereby enabling them to make changes before they commit to a design. Clients are encouraged to discuss what they are looking for with the company’s experts during this stage.

Plano Texas's premier outdoor lighting company can be reached via phone or email, and clients may contact Blingle Premier Lighting at their convenience to schedule a consultation. The landscape lighting designer can also be reached through social media.


For more information about Blingle Premier Lighting, contact the company here:

Blingle Premier Lighting
972 430-5900
1000 Jupiter Rd, Suite 700, Plano, TX 75074

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