Plano Obstructive Sleep Apnea Diagnosis: Dental CBCT & Sleep Lab Service Updated

Published April 1, 2023

As part of the latest revisions, the practice offers cone-beam computed tomography scans, allowing it to identify potential airway problems that could lead to OSA. In addition to treatments with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices, the practice has also introduced some of the latest fitted oral appliances.

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While CPAP devices have been an effective approach to OSA treatment for several decades, Millennium Smiles explains that some of its patients find the units difficult to use. The clinic's FDA-approved oral devices offer a comfortable and adjustable alternative.

Obstructive sleep apnea involves the interruption of normal breathing patterns when a person sleeps, and can be caused by narrow airways, a large tongue or tonsils, or lower jaw problems. Symptoms of the condition include loud snoring, restless sleep, excessive tiredness during the day, difficulty concentrating, mood disturbances, and learning difficulties or pseudo-ADHD in children.

The latest oral appliances offered by Millennium Smiles are individually designed to address a specific cause of OSA, offering a more effective outcome. The use of CBCT scans in the diagnosis process allows dentists to observe the complete airway system, including soft tissues, which can assist in earlier identification of possible issues.

"While CPAP has been used to treat sleep apnea for decades to great effect, many people have difficulty using it," a clinic representative explained. "Our oral appliances work in different ways to help relieve sleep apnea symptoms, such as by holding your tongue forward or by repositioning the lower jaw. When you have an appliance made at Millennium Smiles, we will take a mold of your teeth to create a perfect fit, which is more comfortable and effective than online products."

About Millennium Smiles

In addition to OSA, Millennium Smiles offers specialist diagnosis and therapeutic services for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, which can contribute to sleep breathing problems. Clients can also access some of the latest cosmetic dentistry, including medical-grade titanium implants and porcelain or zirconium prosthetics.

"Everyone at Millennium Smiles is so friendly, professional, helpful, and knowledgeable," one client recently stated. "The office itself is beautiful, upbeat, and has all the latest dental equipment. I have been to this office many times and always feel like I'm visiting family."

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