Pinnacle Peak Recovery: What Drug Causes Foaming At The Mouth

Published April 17, 2023

The Scottsdale, AZ based Pinnacle Peak Recovery Detox Center recently published an article that explores how certain drugs can cause foaming at the mouth. Certain substances can cause foaming at the mouth when used, and the article seeks to explain which drugs cause such problems — and what can be done if an individual encounters a person foaming at the mouth due to substance abuse.

Among substances that typically see abuse, opiates are the most common cause of foaming at the mouth. To be more specific, the article says a fluid leak in the lungs (as a result of opioid overdose) can cause foaming at the mouth. Opioids act as depressants as well, which means they slow down the body’s responses. As a result, a person’s heart rate and breathing can slow, reaching dangerously low levels. If an individual shows any signs of an opioid overdose, it is important to call for medical help.

Drugs are not the only problem that causes foaming at the mouth. Rabies and seizures are two other potential causes of foaming at the mouth. Foaming at the mouth due to rabies is very rare, however, with only 25 cases in the history of the United States. Seizures, however, cause foaming at the mouth fairly frequently.

The blog post says, “Almost 3.5 million people, adults, and children alike, have active epilepsy in the United States. Epilepsy isn’t the only source of someone having a seizure, either. Seizures can be a side effect of substance withdrawal as well for substances like alcohol or benzodiazepines. If someone is experiencing a seizure, there are a few things you can do to help. Try to clear some space around them in order to make sure they don’t hurt themselves. Time the seizure. If it lasts longer than 5 minutes or they have multiple seizures in a short time frame with no recovery time in between, you should seek medical help. Place something flat under their head like a blanket.”

Foaming at the mouth is a symptom and not a condition in and of itself, meaning treatment options differ depending on what the cause is. A seizure that lasts longer than five minutes (or multiple seizures in a short period), for example, is a sign that the person is in need of medical assistance. A person foaming at the mouth because of rabies also needs immediate medical attention. For substance abuse disorders, it is recommended that the person be sent to a recovery center, such as Pinnacle Peak Recovery.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery has helped many recover from dependency on one or multiple substances. The center’s staff work together to come up with an effective recovery plan to help each unique patient. They understand that each individual's journey will be distinct from their neighbor, so treatments should similarly take their unique needs into account. This approach has produced excellent results over the years, and a number of former patients have taken to review platforms to talk about their experiences.

“I had never been to rehab before, I was scared and was referred here to Pinnacle Peak Recovery,” says a patient. “I was immediately welcomed with open arms and made to feel comfortable immediately. I’ve developed amazing life lasting relationships with the other clients and staff. All staff, nurses and therapists are amazing. I was able to stay sober for a long period, and after a slip up was welcomed back with zero judgment. I highly recommend this treatment center for anyone struggling with addiction. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, PPR, for all you’ve done for me.”

Another patient comments, “I cannot recommend this program enough. The genuine kindness and understanding that is to be received from the staff here is a rare find. Rehabilitation is not a one-size-fits-all formula, I can assure you this program is one of the special places where stepping through the doors you can see the effort and quality of service provided by their staff is unique and that they’re truly invested in each individual and their needs. Beautiful facility and excellent staff.”

Learn more about Pinnacle Peak Recovery Detox Center on their website. Those who need immediate help are advised to phone the center directly for more resources.


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