Europe Soft Serve Market to Partake Significant Development during 2033

Published February 15, 2024

The Europe soft serve market expanded at2.6% CAGR from 2018 to 2022 and ended up at a valuation of US$ 2.56 billion in 2023. As per this latest study by Persistence Market Research, sales of soft serve in the European region are expected to increase at3.6%CAGR and reach US$ 3.64 billion by the end of 2033.

Soft serve, also referred to as soft ice cream, is a frozen dessert created through the freezing of a treated mixture containing milk, emulsifiers, creams, and flavorings at a temperature of approximately -4 C. It typically contains low milk fat levels, ranging from 3% to 6%..The European market for soft serve is experiencing growth driven by several factors. Increasing demand for low-fat ice cream, coupled with the rapid expansion of fast-food chains across Europe, is contributing to market growth. Additionally, there is a steady rise in per-capita consumption of ice cream in countries such as Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Poland, which is expected to further boost sales of soft serve in the region.

Market dynamics in Europe are characterized by fragmentation, with a growing presence of ice cream parlors operating from vans and trucks in residential areas, particularly in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. This expansion is positively impacting market growth. Moreover, the convenience factor plays a significant role, as consumers increasingly seek the convenience of enjoying soft serve while engaged in various activities such as working, traveling, shopping in malls, or visiting amusement parks.

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Growth Factors:

The Soft Serve Market in Europe is witnessing growth driven by shifting consumer preferences towards healthier and indulgent treats, prompting a demand for soft serve ice cream with lower fat content and natural ingredients. Innovations in flavors and varieties, along with premium and artisanal offerings, cater to consumers seeking unique taste experiences. Soft serves convenience for on-the-go consumption, availability across various retail and foodservice channels, and the introduction of healthier alternatives meet diverse consumer needs. Seasonal promotions, tourism influence, effective marketing strategies, and environmental sustainability initiatives further fuel market expansion. Technological advancements in equipment enhance product quality and consistency, while allergen-free options ensure inclusivity, collectively contributing to the markets adaptation to evolving consumer trends and preferences in Europe.

Competitive Analysis

The European soft serve market is primarily characterized by a large number of local players. These companies, with a wide presence in European countries, account for 35% to 45% of the market. Manufacturers in the Europe soft serve market typically sell their products through local ice cream parlors in various countries. This pattern indicates a gradual increase in consumption due to the rising demand for soft serve products among consumers throughout the country.

  • In May 2022, McDonalds announced a partnership with Deliveroo in the United Kingdom, offering a platform for consumers to access their services. Deliveroo, a United Kingdom-based company, is to have access to McDonalds entire menu, providing customers with more options for food delivery.
  • In February 2021, KFC opened a new restaurant in Rome, Italy. This step is taken by the company to expand its retail presence in Europe. The presence of outlets is expected to inadvertently result in higher revenue generation and subsequent sales of soft serve.

Europe Soft Serve Industry Research Segmentation

By Flavor:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Other Flavors

By Distribution Channel:

  • Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs) & Full-Service Restaurants (FSRs)
  • Ice Cream Parlors, Trucks, and Vans
  • Amusement Parks/Malls/Multiplexes
  • Vending Machines/Self-Service Kiosks

By Country:

  • United Kingdom
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Sweden

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