Pashmina Vogue Launches Authentic GI Pashmina Shawls, Empowering Kashmiri Artisans and Celebrating Unique Craftsmanship

Published April 17, 2023

Pashmina Vogue, a renowned manufacturer, and exporter of Pashmina Shawls, has recently introduced a new collection of Geographical Indication (GI) Pashmina Shawls. These shawls are made from the finest quality pashmina wool obtained from Ladakh, hand-spun fiber, and woven on a traditional wooden handloom. The GI label is used to identify products that have a specific geographical origin and possess unique qualities or reputation due to that origin.

The Kashmir Pashmina Shawl making, rooted in the valley of Kashmir, has no competition worldwide due to its geographical origin and unique methods of making. Kashmir Pashmina or Cashmere has been registered as a GI shawl under the Geographical Indications Registry of India. To identify a genuine Pashmina Shawl, a label has been developed by the Craft Development Institute (CDI) along with Tahafuz, a society dedicated to artisan welfare, and the Government of India.

Pashmina Vogue's new line of GI Shawls is certified by the Pashmina Testing & Quality Certification Centre (PTQCC), Craft Development Institute (CDI). Each shawl is handcrafted by artisans who follow age-old processes and techniques in the valley of Kashmir. The aim of the Kashmir Pashmina GI Label is to identify genuine Pashmina Shawls, secure the livelihood of the artisan community, and promote the art of handicrafts. Each shawl is certified with a label containing a numerical code that can be verified online.

Pashmina Vogue's commitment to quality, authenticity, and the artisan community sets them apart from the competition, and they are confident that their customers will appreciate the difference. "We believe that our new line of GI Pashmina Shawls will be a game-changer in the Pashmina Shawl industry," said Mr. Shahdab Ahmad Baba. "Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and the artisan community sets us apart from the competition, and we are confident that our customers will appreciate the difference. We look forward to continuing to offer them exceptional products.

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