OTT Platforms – What Should You Consider in 2023?

Published February 17, 2023

People are turning to video streaming services for various reasons – they appreciate entertainment content, educational videos, and breaking news. The number of viewers is growing as well as the number of companies and organizations launching their own OTT platforms. 

If you are thinking about creating your video streaming service, you are in the right place. We are sharing some tips for you to find the OTT solution for video streaming you need. 

What is an OTT Solution?

An OTT solution is software that allows a content provider to create, launch, and manage their video streaming service. They allow arranging a video delivery to multiple viewers via an Internet connection. As a result, consumers can watch videos on any device, including Smart TVs, smartphones, and laptops, as long as they meet the demands for access.

OTT solutions allow content creators to stream videos in many formats. For example, the Setplex solution gives TVALB the ability to deliver VOD content, catch-ups, TV programs, and live streams. 

VOD (video-on-demand) is one of the most popular content formats among viewers. It allows streamers to avoid scheduling and content limitations. People now decide by themselves what to watch and when to watch. 

VOD content is prerecorded and stored on servers. It is available at any time, and users need to click on a play button to start watching it. VOD is never live, as live streams happen in real-time. However, if saved and published on a service, it becomes a VOD piece of content. 

To avoid misunderstanding, let’s give a brief overview of OTT. OTT is a distribution model. It helps deliver any media content directly to viewers’ end devices. 

Features to Consider When Choosing an OTT Solution

There are many professional OTT solutions available in the market. To find the right platform for your video streaming needs, it is better to do thorough research on the features that you can take advantage of. There are things that we recommend you pay attention to.


Scalability is an essential function of video streaming solutions that will ensure smooth video delivery. It allows services to use the number of resources required for the current situation. As a result, the platform will be able to handle peak usage. 

The platform needs to avoid disruption – that’s why all components need to be scalable. A content provider will probably be more confident that their service is operating well and delivers the best experience to audiences. 


The OTT solution you choose should maintain all video monetization models. You may not need all of them now, but it is good to have them for the future. The common models are advertising, subscriptions, and a pay-per-view. They give multiple opportunities for a hybrid revenue-generating approach. 

OTT analytics

Tracking OTT analytics data is paramount for any business. Content providers will be able to understand their service performance, the preferences of viewers, and the technical operation of the platform. 

That’s why it is essential to have the right technology to collect and process large amounts of data. OTT analytics will help you find ways to optimize and constantly enhance service for your viewers. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing an OTT solution for a video streaming business is an important decision to make. It is better to clarify your business goals and research what the market has you to offer. 

Multiple essential features can be profitable: monetization capabilities, analytics, scalability, DRM, multi-platform, and others. Decide what is more crucial for your business and obtain an appropriate solution. 

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