Options Trading Education For Beginners To Learn Technical Analysis Launched

Published February 20, 2023

The newly launched course teaches amateur traders the concept of options trading and how technical analysis can help them make better stock picks. Members can learn this trading strategy when they sign up for the one-on-one mentorship program with a 'My Investing Club' professional trader.

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The launch of the online trading community's latest course coincides with a Fidelity Investments white paper about how options trading and technical analysis go hand in hand. According to the report, technical analysis helps options traders choose accurate strike prices.

'My Investing Club' explains that "options" are contracts that allow traders to buy or sell qualified financial products at a previously agreed-upon price and length of time. There are two main positions: calls and puts. A call gives the trader the right to buy, while a put gives them the right to sell. Calls are usually made when the stock prices are expected to go up, while puts are made when prices are poised to drop.

Technical analysis, explains the company, studies historical data and focuses on the dynamics of supply and demand by monitoring and recording stock prices. It allows traders to visualize the shifts and quantifies the risk of the trading decisions they make. MIC clarifies that while it does not remove all emotional or cognitive biases in traders, it minimizes the possibility of making purchases that will not pay off.

Options trading benefits from technical analysis because, at its core, options trading is based on technical analysis concepts such as studying historical data to make logical predictions. Technical analysis focuses on price, and choosing the correct price point for making calls or puts is an essential skill for any options trader. MIC explains that technical analysis is the best way to form a price outlook for options trades.

"These first four months of my membership have been so good. I already surpassed my profit goal for the year with eight months left to go. I am so thankful to have come across this profession and found consistency thanks to My Investing Club," a satisfied member said.

More information is available at https://myinvestingclub.com

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