Operation Pay It Forward Annual Fundraising Efforts to Support Heroes & Families

Published March 9, 2023

Salt Lake City: Patriot Roofing founder, Eric Pauly, recently announced the upcoming date of the annual Operation Pay It Forward fundraiser. This year's fundraising event will be held on February 25th at the Air and Space Museum in Denver, Colorado. Going into the 7th year of operation, the non-profit is looking to expand its reach and maximize efforts.

The mission of Operation Pay It Forward is to help returning warriors to overcome the injuries and demons brought back from combat. The nonprofit strives to make a lasting impression on the lives of veterans and their families through various outdoor activities centered around peer support and comradery that is best provided by other veterans. These heroes are given a new purpose and mission - to find fellow veterans in need and "Pay It Forward" by leading individually organized veteran event(s).

"Most veterans agree the two things they miss most are the support and camaraderie they had while serving,

and the sense of impact and importance they experienced by completing their missions. When I started Operation Pay It Forward, I wanted to focus on what I believe are the two most important factors to create a truly impactful veteran focused organization: no paid positions and life changing impact." Eric Paul, founder of Operation Pay It Forward.

OPIF was founded to fill these needs effectively while improving and saving veteran lives. As a veteran, Eric Pauly strived to create an organization that differed from the rest in that every dollar raised is given back and used in ethical ways to support these men and women, as well as their families. With no paid positions, the group within the organization are all volunteers giving time and resources to assist with no alternative motives.

"Operation Pay It Forward is run by the most selfless and generous people I know. Not one penny is profited in this organization. If anything, they pay it out of their own pockets to make it happen. I have personally seen the benefits this organization has had on veterans and their families. They are very well organized and connected to the right people to ensure a positive and healing experience with wounded veterans." - Michael R Gills, GySrgt U.S. Marine Corps

ABOUT OPERATION PAY IT FORWARD: OPIF operates with a goal to provide new focus for returning veterans by providing a new mission to help support other returning veterans. Many of the events organized by the group include fishing and other outdoor activities. By providing this mission, the battle of returning home and feeling a disconnect from the life served is often eased. Veterans are challenged to 'Pay It Forward' to build a community of support and well-being. https://prcroofingpro.com/

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