Ooze, Maker of the nation’s best-selling vape battery, has launched a new vaporizer line using new patented C-Core technology

Published March 6, 2023

OAK PARK, Michigan, MARCH 6, 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Ooze, maker of the nation’s best-selling vape battery, has launched a new vaporizer line using new, patented C-Core technology. Using top-of-the-line materials and new, innovative heating methods, the C-Core provides the most efficient and flavorful vape experience ever.

“Innovation in the vaporizer industry has been stagnant over the last few years,” said Ooze President Danny Hannawa. “We could not be more excited to release these products that we see as the future of vaping.”

The C-Core product line is currently made up of three extract devices, the Booster, Electro Barrel, and Beacon, and one dry herb vaporizer, the Verge. The C-Core, or Ceramic Core, uses proprietary ceramic formulas to ensure faster heating, better flavors, and an overall smarter vape.

“Our new C-Core smart ceramic creates a 100% heavy metal free vaping experience for both dry herb and concentrates,” said Ooze Product Development Manager Brian Fata. “All three extract devices are sub-ohm vaporizers that heat faster and create more vapor.”

The Onyx Atomizer is a deep bucket with an Azul ceramic core dish. This flat heating plate ensures all extracts are vaporized efficiently and almost instantaneously; they do not require preheating. Efficient vaporization means minimal residue is left behind, making maintenance fast and simple.

The Verge Dry Herb Vaporizer uses a special ceramic formula that uses three heating methods. In addition to conduction and convection heat methods that are standard in dry herb vapes, the Verge also utilizes far infrared energy to penetrate deep into the center of the chamber, not just around the sides. This results in no wasted product and a more efficient battery because the device heats quickly and holds onto the heat.

“The Ooze C-Core line is our biggest release in years,” said Ooze Marketing Director Tristan Blackett. “The technology in these devices is lightyears ahead of many of our competitors’ products that are more expensive. We’re thrilled to offer these clean, innovative products at an affordable price.”


Founded in 2015, Ooze is a Michigan-based cannabis accessory brand that strives to be the only marketplace customers need to find every item on their list at the most affordable prices. Ooze’s most recognizable product is the Twist Slim Pen, though they offer products that span every category of ancillary accessories. Ooze is an approachable brand dedicated to fun, accessibility, and innovation. To see all Ooze products, visit www.oozelife.com.

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