One of 2023’s must-read Christian books is Bible Answers Who Is Israel by Sister Roseline Gaston Rabouin

Published February 7, 2023

Sister Roseline Gaston Rabouin’s book, Bible Answers Who Is Israel, authored in partnership with Christian Faith Publishing, has seen renewed interest in 2023. Not only does Sister Roseline’s work answer historical questions, but it also delves into the power and light of the Holy Spirit as the end of time approaches.

Book cover of Bible Answers Who Is Israel

The book answers the following questions:

●      Will there be a rapture for the church to go to heaven? And where in the bible is the supporting evidence?

●      Who are going to take part of the first resurrection?

●      Where was the devil before his defeat?

●      What was the devil’s plan against Jesus?

●      What are the differences between the devil’s plan and ours?

●      Who expects to go to heaven? According to Isaiah 14:13?

●      Who is the bride of the lamb?

●      Where do different color people come from?

●      What is the holy trinity, according to the bible?

●      Why did the serpent go to Eve and not Adam?

●      Why did Esau sell his birth right to Jacob?

●      Who is Israel?

According to Isaiah 6; 9-13 Isaiah 29:6-14 Daniel 12:4,9,10, Matthew Ch 13: 13-15. The prophecies have been sealed, kept secret by God’s will alone, by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, these prophecies are revealed now because this is the time of the harvest.

To share the answers with the world, the book will be available for any organization for fund raising to help churches or people that are in need. The author is booking for partners to translate the book in all other languages.

Book cover of La Bible Repond Qui est Israel

Sister Roseline Gaston Rabouin is an author, leader, and evangelist who studied at the Institute of Theology and Dayspring Ministries International Christian University. She continues to write and publish books and articles for Christian education and to further the Word of the Holy Spirit. As a lifelong servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and her fellow man, Sister Roseline is passionate about spreading the truth through her latest book Bible Answers Who Is Israel. She would like to leave readers with one of her favorite verses, "For what will it profit for man if he gain the whole world, and loses his own soul?" (Mark 8:36).

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