One Bean Marketing Launches #WeAreGreekWarriors Social Media Campaign Honoring Historical Trailblazing Greek Women on International Women's Day

Published March 8, 2023
Mar. 8, 2023 / PRZen / NEW YORK -- In honor of International Women's Day, Women's History Month, and Greek Independence Day, One Bean Marketing has created #WeAreGreekWarriors, a global social media campaign to highlight, celebrate and embrace the powerful Greek women in history.

Angie Xidias, owner of One Bean Marketing, said, "As a Greek American woman, it was essential to recognize and embrace the women of the Greek Revolution. These remarkable, trailblazing women changed the history of Greece over 200 years ago, and their actions, to this day, continue to influence change in countries all around the world who are fighting for the same Greek ideals of FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, and INDEPENDENCE. We see examples in the Ukrainian war, fifty thousand Ukrainian women fighters and many commanding officers playing a pivotal role in defeating Vladimir Putin. Also, women leaders like Shabana Basij-Rasikh, who continue to fight for Afghan girls for their education, come to mind." International Women's day focuses on embracing women's equity. Heroines, Laskarina Bouboulina, Manto Mavrogenous, Rallou Karatza, Domna Visvizi, Mesolongitisses, Moscho Tzavela, Souliotisses, were breaking stereotypes in the early 1800s.

#WeAreGreekWarriors embraces women, women's equity, and the Greek ideals of democracy, freedom, and independence and inspire women to see themselves as women who can forge change in the world. The Greek Warrior Spirit is in us all.

The campaign images can be previewed at, and images can be shared via social media with the hashtag #WeAreGreekWarriors through March to celebrate together, Women's Equity, Women's History, and Greek Independence Day.

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