OM Launches New Podcast Aimed at Untangling Health and Wellness Product Advice

Published January 27, 2023

CEO and Founder of OM, Anca Griffiths, host of the new Whole Story Health podcast
Host Anca Griffiths Interviews World’s Top Health Experts For In-depth Discussions

January 27, 2023 - OM, the innovative Precision Medicine Health Company, launched its new podcast today, Whole Story Health at

There are more healthcare products on the market than ever before, often endorsed by high-profile celebrities who aren’t medical experts. Meanwhile, the scientific community churns out study after study which are often too difficult to decipher, leaving the general public confused about what they should and shouldn’t be doing for their health. 

Whole Story Health podcast aims to bring some clarity and simplicity to health and wellness products with insights from some of the top medical minds on Earth.

“Our goal? The truth. Or as close to the truth as we can get,” states host and CEO/Founder of OM, Anca Griffiths. “We want listeners to benefit from the experts' many years of experience working in health, understanding the market and treatment of patients to give them all the information possible to help make informed health decisions. After all, celebrities aren’t really the best people to be giving health advice, especially if their motivations are financial.”

“Listeners will hear from professional health experts from around the world who have no self-interest in the products being discussed, meaning they aren't being paid to endorse or disapprove of them,” she continues. “Our goal is  to share the good, the bad, and the ugly in an effort to cut through the confusion.”

The first episode of Whole Story Health featuring Dr. Marjorie Jenkins and Dr. Jennifer Trilk drops on January 28, exploring the vitamin and supplement market, including Kourtney Kardashian's new gummy supplements, Lemme. Tune in at

OM is a Precision Medicine Health Company offering companies an innovative bespoke approach to Employee Assistance Programs. Drawing on the expertise of over 75 of the world’s most respected health professionals, OM provides tailor-made solutions to meet the health realities of employees via on-demand masterclasses and interactive live sessions covering a range of topics such as anxiety, fertility, menopause, postpartum, miscarriage, brain fog, long covid and more. OM helps employees get healthy while helping corporates get a healthy bottom line. Discover how OM can help your organization at:

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