North America Geosynthetics Market Size to Worth Around USD 6,124,069.10 thousand by 2030.| Size, Outlook and Forecast|

Published April 18, 2023

North America Geosynthetics Market

Market Definition

Geosynthetics refer to polymers that are employed in civil engineering, construction, and related applications. These are generally used to stabilize the terrains and exhibit high durability that complements the other building materials. The different types of geosynthetics involve geotextile, geomembrane, geo-composite, and geosynthetic liner among others. Apart from civil engineering and construction, these are also used in transportation and hydraulic applications. They are typically made from synthetic materials such as PVC, polyethylene, or polypropylene, which when properly embedded, can help contribute to soil stabilization and prevent erosion.

The North America geosynthetics market is expected to gain significant growth in the forecast period of 2023 to 2030. Data Bridge Market Research analyzes that the market is growing with a CAGR of 5.4% in the forecast period of 2023 to 2030 and is expected to reach USD 6,124,069.10 thousand by 2030. The major factor driving the growth of the North America geosynthetics market is the expansion in the construction industry on the North America level.

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The North America geosynthetics market report provides details of market share, new developments, and the impact of domestic and localized market players, analysis opportunities in terms of emerging revenue pockets, changes in market regulations, products approvals, strategic decisions, product launches, geographic expansions, and technological innovations in the market. To understand the analysis and the market scenario contact us for an Analyst Brief, our team will help you create a revenue impact solution to achieve your desired goal.

North America Geosynthetics Market Dynamics


  • Expansion in the Construction Industry on a North America Level

Geosynthetics of various sorts are employed in civil engineering and building projects. Depleting sources of granular and other basic raw materials, along with restricted project funding, have created new chances for inventive engineering to provide cost-effective solutions. One of these breakthroughs is the use of geosynthetics in civil engineering. Geosynthetics are recognized as genuine engineering materials that not only substitute for limited raw resources such as cement and steel but are also proving to be a fairly solid and good alternative to traditional designs.

This growth in the construction industry increases demand for geosynthetic goods such as geotextiles, geogrids, geonets, geomembranes, Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL), geocells, geocomposites, geopipes, and geofoams. Geotextiles and geogrid are used to improve the performance of permanent roads or to lower their thickness.

  • Rising Spending Towards Waste Management

Rapid urbanization and a quickly growing North America population both contribute to increased amounts of liquid and solid waste. Growing environmental consciousness is increasing the demand for projects that correctly handle water and waste. Geosynthetics operate as smart products as waste containment and management solutions in an effort to safeguard the environment from dangerous industrial wastes. Landfill gases and leachate should ideally be managed in a way that preserves the environment.

Geosynthetics are used in waste management for landfill liner solutions, leachate drainage, gas collection, and dewatering systems. Geomembranes operate as liquid and landfill gas barriers, and GCL is used for landfill liners. Geonets, geotubes, and geocomposites are low-cost leachate drainage alternatives. These heavy-duty geosynthetics can endure high flow rates, are simple to install, and can sustain vertical loading. Biaxial geonets in gas collecting systems swiftly transport the gas to the site of treatment. Geotubes, also known as dewatering tubes, are essential in any waste management operation.

  • Increasing Acceptance of Geosynthetic Products Across Numerous Application Segments

Geosynthetics have a wide range of uses. It is nearly hard to find a significant infrastructure project that does not include the use of some form of geosynthetic component. This is why geosynthetics are a distinct type of material. They provide a variety of roles ranging from chemical containment to soil structural reinforcement, as well as many more in between such as drainage, material separation, and filtering. These are the most important geosynthetic uses.

A containment application is any application that uses geosynthetics as a barrier to liquid or gas materials. Heap leach mining liners, wastewater management, secondary tank containment, and landfill leachate liners are a few examples. The most typical geosynthetics for containment applications are clay liners, geocomposites, and geomembranes.

Some of the prominent participants operating in the North America geosynthetics market are
A Division of CMC,
Leggett & Platt, Incorporated,
Berry North America, Inc.,
Carthage Mills, Inc.,
North America Synthetics,
SKAPS Industries,
Glen Raven, Inc.,
Schouw & Co.,
Naue Gmbh & Co.KG,
Officine Maccaferri Spa,
Swicofil AG,
PRS Geo-Technologies.,
Freudenberg among others.

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  • Soil Erosion Control, Better Drainage, and Soil Conservation Using Geosynthetics

Soil erosion is considered a regular occurrence as the natural development rate of soil has been quite sluggish in recent years. Therefore, it is recommended to use the best solution to artificially prevent soil erosion. Erosion management is also required to provide stability to other buildings against landslides, among other things, and it is also required to save the planets and soil formations from failing due to rain, gravity, or a variety of other factors. Geosynthetics are used to “block or limit soil or other particle motions at the surface of, for example, a slope” in surface soil erosion management.

River banks are protected by geotextiles against erosion caused by currents or lapping. They function as a filter when combined with natural or artificial enrockments. Geotextiles used for erosion control can be woven or nonwoven. Woven textiles are suitable in soils with bigger particle sizes because they have greater pores. Nonwovens are employed in areas where soils such as clay silt develop. When hydraulic uplift is predicted, these materials must have a high permeability.

Geotextiles are used for drainage, erosion management, and cost-effective ground modification, geogrids are generally used for soil and aggregate reinforcing, geomembranes are used for separation of soil and fluid, improving soil shear strength, and geocomposites/geoweb are used in drainage.

North America Geosynthetics Market Scope

The North America geosynthetics market is segmented into one notable segment based on product. The growth amongst these segments will help you analyze major growth segments in the industries and provide the users with a valuable market overview and market insights to make strategic decisions to identify core market applications.


  • Geotextiles
  • Geomembranes
  • Geogrids
  • Geocells
  • Geonets
  • Others

Based on product, the market is segmented into geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids, geocells, geonets, and others.

North America Geosynthetics Market Regional Analysis/Insights

The North America geosynthetics market is segmented based on product.

The countries covered in the North America geosynthetics market are the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The U.S. is dominating the North America geosynthetics market in terms of market share and market revenue due to the expansion of the construction industry on the North America level in the region.

The country section of the report also provides individual market-impacting factors and changes in market regulation that impact the current and future trends of the market. Data points downstream and upstream value chain analysis, technical trends, porter’s five forces analysis, and case studies are some of the pointers used to forecast the market scenario for individual countries. Also, the presence and availability of North America brands and their challenges faced due to large or scarce competition from local and domestic brands, the impact of domestic tariffs, and trade routes are considered while providing forecast analysis of the country data.

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