Next Level Holdings LLC Announces A High Yield, Low-Cost Insured Annuity Alternative

Published March 20, 2023

With the recent stock market losses, Americans are increasingly turning to annuities as a source of income. However, with annual returns averaging only about 4%, annuities struggle to keep up with inflation, which can lead to more losses for investors in the future. Fortunately, an innovative investment manager has come up with an annuity alternative that pays a guaranteed annual return of 20% or more. Next Level Holdings, LLC announced the launch of its Fully Insured Principal & Interest Protected Fixed Income Note, a new paradigm in annuity alternatives.

According to CEO and Fund Manager, Paul Regan, the company took a low-risk investment strategy and sought backing from top-rated insurers. After a rigorous and challenging process, four high-quality insurers finally agreed to insure the product in exchange for a reasonable premium. This has allowed Next Level Holdings to offer a unique, strong yield on a principal and interest-protected basis.

A New Paradigm in Annuity Alternatives

Regan's investment strategy takes advantage of spot price differences for physical commodities like gold, timber, and coffee. The fixed income note comes with a dedicated insurance policy from top-rated insurance companies, which assures a 20% annual return and protects against the loss of principal.

The launch of this innovative investment product provides an opportunity for investors to preserve capital and achieve higher returns than annuities. The product offers a low-risk arbitrage strategy combined with a dedicated insurance policy, ensuring a smooth and secure investment process.

With its commitment to providing innovative investment strategies that minimize risk and deliver impressive returns, Next Level Holdings is poised to be a game-changer in the world of risk-managed investment strategies. The Fully Insured Principal & Interest Protected Fixed Income Note is just one of the many products offered by the company, which specializes in risk-managed investment strategies.

Investors looking for an annuity alternative with a guaranteed annual return of 20% or more can now turn to Next Level Holdings' Fixed Income Note, backed by a dedicated insurance policy in the form of a surety bond which is issued directly to their investors which makes for a low-risk and high-reward investment option.

Low-Risk Investing with an Innovative Twist

But Next Level Holdings has taken things one step further with its latest note offering. Regan explains, "We can't control how often opportunities for arbitrage arise. This limited our ability to offer these notes to many investors. So we built our own network to create arbitrage opportunities, which are plentiful in certain commodities markets."

The company has established standing agreements with a network of local commodity sellers to buy their products on a pre-negotiated basis. For example, the company will sell gold in the spot market and then simultaneously fill orders through one of its local partners. It pays the supplier 97% of the spot price and keeps the remaining 3% margin as profit. Then it coordinates and pays for shipping and insurance to complete the transaction.

"Our suppliers love being able to sell to us at a 3% discount with essentially zero marketing. These trades allow Next Level to generate a steady stream of very low-risk but repeatable arbitrage profits," Regan adds.

By creating its own network, Next Level Holdings has found a way to offer a unique, strong yield on a low-risk basis. This strategy is generating significant attention from investors looking for innovative investment opportunities.

Getting B++ Rated Insurers on Board

In a landscape where annuities come with high costs and low returns, Next Level Holdings' innovative investment offering has been gaining attention. The company's Fully Insured Principal & Interest Protected Fixed Income Note promises a guaranteed 20% or more in annual return, and it has recently secured backing from B++ rated insurers.

According to CEO and Fund Manager Paul Regan, convincing insurers to come on board was no easy feat. "It took significant effort to help the insurers understand our business. But once they did, they were willing to sell us these policies to insure these notes cost-effectively in exchange for a premium, which Next Level pays."

What's the catch

Investing always comes with some degree of risk, and the Fully Insured Principal & Interest Protected Fixed Income Note offered by Next Level Holdings is no exception. However, much of the risk is assumed by the insurers, as the investment strategy is designed to be low-risk. There are some requirements for potential investors, including being accredited and making a minimum investment of $100,000 to make it cost-effective for the insurance.

Furthermore, investors must commit to a specific term, with options ranging from 3 to 10 years. Should investors change their minds and wish to withdraw their money earlier, they will be subject to an early termination fee. On a positive note, Next Level Holdings also provides the option of purchasing these notes through self-directed IRAs, in partnership with two custodians.

Overall, while there are some conditions to meet in order to invest in the Fully Insured Principal & Interest Protected Fixed Income Note, it represents an innovative and potentially lucrative alternative to traditional annuities for those who qualify.

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