AI Brainstorm Creator Condenses Epic Hero's Trek into Daily Micro-Adventures

Published February 15, 2024
Palo Alto, California ( Thursday Feb 15, 2024 @ 10:22 AM Pacific —

Nonprofit organization AI Brainstorm Creator has launched an innovative new program that gives people the chance to tap into their inner hero through shared emotionally charged experiences powered by artificial intelligence and social media.

According to co-founder Amy Chang, the program is inspired by cultural anthropologist Joseph Campbell’s concept of the Hero’s Journey. “In ancient times people used to face daily challenges that required heroic behavior and gave their lives meaning and purpose,” Chang said. “With this program, we’re leveraging AI and global connections to help people discover that feeling of triumph in their everyday lives."

According to the group's Education Director Savithri Patel, an important key in creating the program was determining which elements of historic and mythological triumphant experiences can be duplicated today. "We studied indigenous people such as the Bijago from Guinea-Bissau, the Papua tribes from New Guinea, and the Yanomami from the Amazon, and found that their daily lives included a group of specific behavior-caused emotions that contributed to their success. There is every reason to believe that these have remained stable among humans for thousands of years. The ones that we can replicate today through AI and worldwide social media connections include Group Brainstorming, Laughter, Awe, Gratitude, and Communal self-sacrifice."

Beta participants are already experiencing the program's transformative effects. Weekly Laughter Yoga sessions via Zoom foster global connections, while AI-assisted Mind Mapping sessions on spark collaborative problem-solving. Partnerships like the one with the Herat School for Girls in Afghanistan empower participants to contribute to meaningful initiatives, fostering a sense of heroic accomplishment.

"We find that people seem to have something like a Recommended Daily Allowance of peak emotional experiences," says Innovation Director John Toomey. "When you share daily doses of laughter, gratitude, problem-solving, awe, and self-sacrifice with hundreds of peers around the world it can be a repeatable, transformative event."

"One exciting thing", says Chang, "is that after practicing the handful of communally shared experiences for a while you can learn to FEEL which peak experience is most desirable for you this particular minute. And because of the technology connecting you with your 'tribe' around the world, you can join your global group and co-create the experience instantly."

"Soon we'll begin the process of mapping each participant's experience against those of an individual member of the Bijago tribe," says Chang. "These people are incredibly passionate about their lives and have seemingly no need for ultimate meaning in the way that we 'civilized' people do. Their purpose emerges organically from a shared community. We can learn a lot from them."

"We believe we are doing something very much like creating a new human sub-species," says Patel. "The discovery that with AI we can train our brains to build the fittest emotional peak states, customized to each of us and shared with the world so that we can better cooperate with our fellows to address the world's toughest challenges, truly offers a new frontier for Humanity."

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