RFID Software Market Trends and Opportunities and Forecast to 2030 | IBM, IMPINJ, ODIN

Published July 21, 2023

The growing use of RFID technology in a range of industries, including logistics, supply chain management, and healthcare, is fueling the expansion of the RFID software industry. Due of its many benefits over more conventional identifying methods like barcodes, RFID technology is gaining popularity. RFID technology may be used to gather information about things as well as track them in real time. The need for RFID software is being driven by the growing use of RFID technology.

At a CAGR of 8.2% during the forecast period, the worldwide RFID software market is anticipated to increase from USD 2.15 billion in 2022 to USD 3.74 billion by 2030.

An application or system known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) software handles and makes use of data gathered via RFID tags or labels. RFID technology tracks and identifies items or assets that have RFID tags attached by using radio frequency signals. RFID software is in charge of processing, storing, and analyzing the data obtained from RFID tags, allowing companies to more effectively monitor and manage their assets, inventories, and supply chain.

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Key Companies Profiled in the Report is:  IBM, IMPINJ, ODIN, Oracle, Barcodes, SimplyRFID, Infinid Technologies, Barco, MSS Software, RVB Systems Group, Seagull Scientific, SATO America, Zebra, TEKLYNX, GAO Group, IntelliTrack, Hardcat, RedBeam

Global RFID Software Market Split by Product Type and Applications:

This report segments on the basis of Types:



This report segments On the basis of Application:

Financial Services




Social Media


Geographic Segment Covered in the Report:

The rapid adoption of automation and digitalization across a range of sectors in the area has made North America a prominent market for RFID technology and software. The supply chains, logistics, and retail industries in the US and Canada are well-established, and they use RFID software to boost operational efficiency, decrease theft, and better manage inventory. In North America, RFID software is widely employed in the manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and retail sectors.

  1. North America (USA and Canada)
  2. Europe (UK, Germany, France and the rest of Europe)
  3. Asia Pacific (China, Japan, India, and the rest of the Asia Pacific region)
  4. Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, and the rest of Latin America)
  5. Middle East and Africa (GCC and rest of the Middle East and Africa)

The pandemic brought to light the significance of resilient supply chains, which prompted a rise in the use of RFID technologies for inventory and asset monitoring and real-time visibility. In order to maintain continuity amid interruptions, businesses attempted to optimise their supply networks. The need for RFID-based solutions has risen as a result of the requirement for contactless and touchless solutions to reduce the danger of virus transmission. RFID technology made it possible to track people, goods, and assets without touching them in a variety of settings. Due to the pandemic's effects on the industrial and logistics industries, projects and installations of RFID software were delayed.

Current Forecast, Historic and Base year is as follows:

The latest Forecast year: 2023-2030

Historical Year – 2017-2021

Base Year – 2022

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Another important factor propelling the market for RFID software is the growing need for logistics and supply chain management. RFID software may be used to control inventory levels and track products while they are in transit. The need for RFID software is being driven by the expanding needs for supply chain management and logistics. Another important factor propelling the market for RFID software is the rising need for healthcare applications. RFID software may be used to manage assets in hospitals and maintain patient medical information. The need for RFID software is being driven by the expanding market for healthcare applications.

RFID Software Market: Key Questions Answered in Report:

  1. The Market Research study on the RFID Software market offers inclusive insights about the growth of the market in the most comprehensible manner for a better understanding of users. Insights offered in the RFID Software market report answer some of the most prominent questions that assist the stakeholders in measuring all the emerging possibilities.
  2. How has the rapidly changing business environment turned into a major growth engine for the RFID Software market?
  3. What are the underlying macroeconomic factors impacting the growth of the RFID Software market?
  4. What are the key trends that are constantly shaping the growth of the RFID Software market?
  5. Which are the prominent regions offering plentiful opportunities for the RFID Software market?
  6. What are the key differential strategies adopted by key players to command a significant chunk of the global market share?
  7. How is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the global RFID Software market?

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Table of Content

Chapter 1: Global RFID Software Industry Overview

Chapter 3: Market Dynamics

Chapter 4: Top Company Profiles

Chapter 5: Global RFID Software Competition, by Players

Chapter 6: Global Market Size by Regions

Chapter 7: Global Market Segment by Application

Chapter 8: Global RFID Software Industry Segment by Type

Chapter 9: Market Chain, Sourcing Strategy, and Downstream Buyers

Chapter 10: Strategies and key policies by Distributors/Suppliers/Traders

Chapter 11: Key Marketing Strategy Analysis, by Market Vendors

Chapter 12: Market Effect Factors Analysis

Chapter 13: Global RFID Software Size Forecast (2023-2030).


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