Embedded Systems Market Outlook 2023 and Forecast to 2030 | Renesas Electronics, Microchip, Texas Instruments

Published July 11, 2023

An embedded system is a set of computer hardware and software developed for a specific need. Furthermore, embedded systems may function as a component of a larger system. The systems may be programmable or limited in their capabilities. The majority of industrial, consumer, agricultural, and processing equipment as well as vehicles, medical devices, cameras, digital watches, home appliances, vending machines, and other items contain embedded systems.

The market for Embedded Systems worldwide, which was estimated to be worth $89.1 billion in 2023, is anticipated to increase to $163.2 billion by 2030, rising at a CAGR of 6.5% between 2023 and 2030.

Due to a rise in demand for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) in electric cars (EVs) and hybrid vehicles, the worldwide embedded systems market is anticipated to expand significantly over the forecast period. The expansion of the global embedded systems market will also be fueled by an increase in research and development projects pertaining to embedded systems. Additionally, during the projection period, the demand for multicore central processing units (CPUs) in military applications is anticipated to drive the expansion of the embedded systems industry. However, one of the major factors limiting the growth of the embedded system industry is the security of embedded systems. On the other hand, the emergence of 5G and the development of embedded devices based on 5G are anticipated to offer profitable chances for the market’s expansion.

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Leading players of Embedded Systems Market including:

Renesas Electronics, Microchip, Texas Instruments, Inc., STMicroelectronics, Infineon Technologies, NXP(Freescale), Fujitsu Limited, Altera, Xilinx, Intel Corporation, Analog Devices, Atmel, Kontron, ARM Limited, Advantech

Total Market by Segment:

Global Embedded Systems Market Segment Percentages By Type

Embedded Hardware

Embedded Software

Global Embedded Systems Market Segment Percentages by Application





Consumer Electronics

Military & Aerospace


Embedded Systems Market – Covid-19 Impact and Recovery Analysis:

It is anticipated that the ongoing decline in automotive vehicle exports and demand will have a detrimental effect on the semiconductor industry and eventually reduce demand for embedded systems. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is anticipated to help the healthcare sector as the need for ventilators and other cutting-edge medical equipment increases globally. The development of sophisticated ventilators and other medical equipment, such as medical robots, uses a variety of embedded hardware components, which is anticipated to have a favorable effect on the market for embedded systems.

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Embedded Systems Market Regional Analysis:

In 2023, Asia Pacific had the majority of market share for embedded systems worldwide. Due to the existence of several industries as well as the large demand for and expansion of embedded engineering services from various agencies and government sector entities in the area, the market is growing. According to emerging trends in the Asia Pacific embedded system industry, the region’s market is being driven by increasing per capita income levels as well as ongoing, massive industrialisation and urbanisation. APAC’s accessibility to affordable electronic goods is also likely to support the region’s rising demand for microprocessors and microcontrollers. The APAC region is likely to adopt autonomous robotics and embedded vision systems more frequently, expanding the market for embedded system hardware including microprocessors and controllers.

North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)

Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Spain etc.)

Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia and Southeast Asia etc.)

South America (Brazil, Argentina and Colombia etc.)

Middle East & Africa (South Africa, UAE and Saudi Arabia etc.)

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In the upcoming years, the automotive sector segment is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR. The demand for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), an increase in the number of embedded systems-related research & development projects, and electromobility solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles are major factors driving the market’s expansion. rising use of multicore CPUs in military applications and rising demand for portable devices like wearables.

Table of Content (TOC):

Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview

Chapter 2 Economic Impact and Industry Pricing

Chapter 3 New technologies and emerging trends with significant critical roles

Chapter 4 Analysis, trends, and growth drivers of the global remote Embedded Systems Market

Chapter 5 Embedded Systems Market Application and Business with Potential Analysis

Chapter 6 Global Embedded Systems Market Segment, Type, Application

Chapter 7 Global Embedded Systems Market Analysis (by Application, Type, End User)

Chapter 8 Major Key Vendors Analysis of Embedded Systems Market

Chapter 9 Development Trend of Analysis

Chapter 10 Conclusion

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