Villaway Expands Roster of Luxury Vacation Rentals

Published December 8, 2023

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - December 8, 2023) - Luxury vacation rental marketplace Villaway has announced that it has acquired over 1000 additional properties to join its expanding list of villas available for rent worldwide. These new properties include luxury vacation rentals in popular regions such as Costa Rica and Cabo San Lucas.

This expansion comes as the company has experienced significant growth and recovery from tourism setbacks created by the global pandemic, which affected the worldwide travel and hospitality industries. Since lockdown measures and travel restrictions have been lifted, Villaway was able to continue the notable growth it experienced prior to the pandemic.

As the global market demand for travel and hospital has increased since lockdowns were lifted, and as many travelers have begun to utilize apartment rental vacation agencies rather than simply renting hotel rooms, Villaway has been able to continue its prior expansion by adding new properties to its portfolio.

CEO and founder Joe Liebke, who created Villaway in 2016, states that Villaway's newest properties join its exclusive network of upscale locations worldwide, encompassing everywhere from Bali to Maui. "As the short term rental market has grown, it's a clear indication that travelers are starting to look for accommodations more unique and exclusive than typical hotels," Liebke states. "We cater to high-end travelers seeking privacy and luxury and a wide range of exotic locations."

He states that every new Villaway property was hand-selected and chosen for its ability to promote relaxation, offer unique tourist opportunities, and offer privacy, which he says is highly valued among high-end travelers. "We ensure that each location is fully equipped with a host of in-demand luxury services that premium clientele have come to expect when utilizing fine hotels," Liebke states. "This includes private chef services, restaurant reservations, airport pick up, the procurement of event tickets — we even make sure that each property's kitchen or kitchenette is fully stocked with groceries and fine wine."

Villaway's expansion and recovery from the pandemic is due in part to its latest digital strategy, including new enhanced A.I. enhanced technologies and ads placed on new key media sites and social media platforms. The company continues to update its website to offer a user-friendly experience, and provides a range of detailed media of every new property to accurately display the accommodations offered. Villaway customers are also able to add their own travel photos to the company's social media sites along with their reviews.

"Our clients are looking for the easiest way to experience luxurious, comfortable travel with all the comforts of home," says Liebke. "We carefully vet every one of our hand-selected villas and provide our clients with all the amenities of a five-star hotel in the privacy of a spectacular villa. The properties really rent themselves — and so much of our advertising is done by satisfied customers by word of mouth and social media posts."

The team at Villaway is excited about the company's newest acquisitions and is already preparing the newest properties for rental. 

"I saw the need for an easy-to-use online resource for high-end travelers looking for an exclusive place to stay," says Liebke. "Villaway serves the needs of these customers, as well as travel agents and property managers."

Villaway currently offers over 6,200 properties across 144 destinations. The company is still expanding into new territories, with the goal to provide a diverse portfolio for clients to choose from. "We're very selective and only the finest accommodations make it onto our website," says Liebke. "Since Villaway's promise of personal concierge is so vital to our offerings, only properties that promise this make the cut — and all our reservations include this complimentary service."

The company is working the concierge teams for all new properties as well. This means that guest services can include a wide range of offerings, such as private tours for sightseeing, chartering yachts, in-house catering, and event and party planning. "We make sure that each new property we acquire can meet these stringent demands," Liebke says. "We want our clients to take the vacation of a lifetime and experience A-list accommodations."

About Villaway

Villaway is a luxury villa rental marketplace launched in 2016. The company offers hand-picked, inspected, and professionally managed properties around the world that offer 24/7 customer service and a dedicated personal concierge.


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