Transforming Textiles AB Launches Sense-Tex: A Smart, Sustainable Textile Technology

Published December 26, 2023

Skåne, Sweden--(Newsfile Corp. - December 26, 2023) - Transforming Textiles AB, led by innovator Sara Rosberg, announces the launch of Sense-Tex, a pioneering fabric and yarn technology that harmonizes fashion, advanced functionality, and sustainability. This new textile innovation aims to offer consumers an exceptional experience, blending style with smart technology and environmental consciousness.

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Pictured: Sara Rosberg

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Fabric of the Future

Sense-Tex is distinguished by its innovative 5-fiber yarn-thread composition, which includes two conductors and three natural fibers. When equipped with sensor connectivity, Sense-Tex opens new avenues for tech integration in textiles.

Sara Rosberg, the brainchild behind Sense-Tex, describes it as, "an expression of sustainable fashion and a glimpse into the future." Sense-Tex encourages users to "Make statements with their clothes", offering a forward-thinking fashion approach intertwined with hope.

Transforming Textiles AB aims for global reach, aiming to construct and open a cutting-edge smart mechanical recycling factory by 2030. The company is committed to making innovations like Sense-Tex widely accessible, ensuring health and safety are not limited by financial means.

The Team Behind Sense-Tex

Sara Rosberg, the force behind Transforming Textiles AB and Sense-Tex, was inspired by personal experiences and a passion for impactful change. Motivated by her mother's isolation during the pandemic, Sara sought protective solutions, leading to the creation of Sense-Tex. Her work goes beyond business, focusing on inclusivity and universal solutions.

Rosberg attributes her success to her dedicated team, including Head of Manufacturing Tahir Haytoglu at Hayteks Ekolojik Tekstil, Sima Gila Sarfetti; Yalcin Demirbag;Semiha Sagnak; Sebnem Orkide Alaca at FETIH Tekstil. Fatih Susamci at Ozen Mensucat, and Gokhan Tandogan at Kipas Textiles, whose belief in her vision was integral to Sense-Tex's development.

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