Sungold Solar Announces Two Innovative Lines of Solar Panels for RV Adventures

Published December 30, 2023

Shenzhen, China--(Newsfile Corp. - December 30, 2023) - Sungold Solar, a company based in Shenzhen, China, is proud to introduce two game-changing lines of solar panels designed specifically for RV - the TF Series of flexible solar panels and the Hi-Power Series of portable solar kits.

The TF Series and Hi-Power Series are designed to meet the diverse needs of solutions that will transform the RV experience, offering unparalleled innovation and efficiency in the solar energy space.

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Sungold Solar

Customize RV Solar Systems

Without having to worry about running out of power support while traveling or having a professional install the power system, the TF Series RV solar panels redefine the possibilities of RV applications. These panels have been carefully designed and are known for their 23% efficient energy output and superior durability. The products have been tested many times to withstand the rigors of trampling and have superior impact resistance.

Users install their RV solar panels themselves, with installation instructions and manuals to help them through the process.

The addition of an ETFE surface material further improves longevity and efficiency, setting a new standard in mobile home solar technology.

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TF Series RV solar panels

High Power Off-Grid Solar Solutions

The Hi-Power series portable solar panels offer unprecedented convenience for RVers looking for a portable, versatile power solution. Designed to be handheld, these panels promote mobility and easy storage.

With an IP68 waterproof rating, they can withstand a variety of weather conditions, ensuring reliability. These high-power output panels are suitable for use in a variety of portable power stations, providing seamless integration for a wide range of energy needs.

"RV owners are increasingly looking for sustainable, reliable energy options for their mobile lifestyles," said Haoyang Li, Marketing Manager at Sungold Solar. "With our TF and Hi-Power series, we are changing how energy is utilized in the RV industry, providing top-notch innovation and reliability."

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Hi-Power series portable solar panels

As more and more RV enthusiasts seek sustainable energy solutions, it has inspired innovation within the industry. 

Equipping RVs with solar panels not only significantly reduces costs, but also simplifies the energy supply for RV travel, making it easier and more cost-effective. Embrace green practices and pave the way for a more sustainable and promising future by adopting diverse solar solutions.

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