Silicon Valley Trauma Start-Up Offers Complimentary Mental Health Support Amidst War

Published October 23, 2023

Palo Alto, California--(Newsfile Corp. - October 23, 2023) - Space of mind, AI-powered, anonymous group support platform for trauma, has announced its commitment to providing complimentary weekly sessions to individuals affected by the ongoing Gaza-Israel conflict. In response to the deepening crisis, Space of mind aims to assist those struggling with severe stress, enabling them to build resilience and establish meaningful connections with others facing similar challenges in coping with the current conflict.

The impact of the recent days has extended far beyond physical and material damage and has significantly affected the mental well-being of both Israelis and Palestinians. The psychological toll of the conflict has left many individuals grappling with fear, loss and a profound sense of helplessness. Space of mind recognizes the urgent need to address these mental health challenges and is stepping up to provide vital support.

With the war compelling individuals to confront their deepest fears, including the fear of losing loved ones and the anxiety about personal safety, Space of mind is offering assistance to those who might need psychological aid during this time. Their trauma-informed, anonymous group sessions will be facilitated by licensed therapists.

"Acts of terrorism and extreme violence can shatter how we understand ourselves, other people, and the world, said Dr. Adrienne Heinz, a research scientist at the National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder at the US Department of Veterans Affairs and Stanford University. "Supportive, authentic connection during dark and uncertain times can help us to heal and embrace our humanity."

"Our commitment to aiding individuals grappling with the emotional burden of the ongoing conflict is an expansion of our mission to enhance global access to trauma support," stated Karolina Komarnicka, CEO of Space of mind. "Through complimentary weekly facilitated peer support sessions, our aim is to empower those impacted by the Gaza-Israel conflict, helping them manage stress and develop effective coping strategies for their daily lives."

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About Space of mind:

Space of mind is a HIPAA-compliant, anonymous platform that offers AI-powered support group sessions for individuals who have experienced traumatic stress. AI tools are built into the platform to ease administrative load for therapists by automatically producing session notes and includes measurement-based care with validated measures and client-rated outcomes. The mission of Space of Mind is to help democratize access to trauma-informed care and support through the power of group healing.

Karolina Komarnicka

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