Playfair Tech Develops Financial AI Engine to Facilitate Market Predictions for Hedge Funds and Institutions

Published December 1, 2023

With most market trends directed by the perception of people and opinions, Playfair analyzes social media to better understand and predict market shifts.

San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - December 1, 2023) - Playfair, a fintech startup based out of San Francisco, California, unveiled its financial AI engine to facilitate market predictions for hedge funds. In order to better predict market trends and to identify consistent high-market performers, Playfair processes millions of data points from platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. Through their API platform, which integrates with major financial systems, they make this information available to financial institutions and hedge funds.

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Brandon Marsh

Playfair's founder and CEO, 26-year-old Brandon Marsh started the company to provide hedge funds and financial institutions with the social data necessary to transition into the modern investing age. As a former Economist for Statistics Canada and trader for the better part of a decade, Brandon realized perception drives market shifts the majority of the time. He realized that by analyzing social data points on social media platforms based on people's opinions, a more accurate financial perspective could be gained.

"The smartest and highest performing stock traders are natural contrarians. In a trend-based internet filled with global noise - finding these traders is like finding a needle in the largest haystack ever created," Playfair Founder and CEO Brandon Marsh said. "The market is directed by people, opinions, and perception. What we're doing is using technology to give funds access to that data in the highest quality."

Playfair's approach consists of analyzing financial opinions from 10s of millions of social accounts around the clock to better develop its artificial intelligence engine. Top social accounts perform standard deviations better than traditional analysts, and Brandon is betting it continues. "The new world of investing is thought leaders speaking to the masses online - this will only accelerate. Institutions want the exposure of social media, so they come to us for the best data possible" he adds.

This approach has proved beneficial. Playfair counts multi-billion dollar hedge funds, global banks, and billion-dollar asset managers among its exclusive client list so far.

The company counts the University of Cambridge as an engineering partner, working with the best engineers in the world to push innovation. Together they utilize computer vision to analyze patterns across thousands of charts at once.

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About Playfair

Playfair emerged in 2021 from the entrepreneurial drive of Brandon Marsh, a former economist at Statistics Canada, who started the Fintech company in his parent's basement just a year after college. With no tech background but a deep understanding of financial markets, he attracted a team supported by some of Silicon Valley's finest investors. The company specializes in using artificial intelligence to parse through financial chatter on social networks like Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. Their AI engine analyzes millions of posts to make smarter market predictions, all while embodying values like authenticity and transparency.

Today, Playfair's APIs are integral to quant investment firms, major fund managers, and some of the largest banks in the world. As for the future, Brandon envisions creating a global standard for financial information accuracy that could change the way we understand social finance.

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Brandon Marsh

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