MindMics Launches Heart Health System to Provide Accurate, Non-Invasive Heart Monitoring Regardless of Skin Tone or Body Mass Using Novel In-Ear Infrasonic Hemodynography (IH) Technology

Published May 12, 2023

Cambridge, Massachusetts--(Newsfile Corp. - May 12, 2023) - Today, MindMics, Inc. is pleased to announce it has launched its limited edition MindMics Heart Health System. The system uses patented and clinically validated sound-based technology known as In-ear Infrasonic HemodynographyTM (IH), embedded in everyday earbuds, to detect heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) in real-time, and guides the user through breathing exercises to control their heart and master stress.

By using sound to measure key biometrics, MindMics overcomes the challenges faced by wearables that use photoplethysmography (PPG) light technology. Factors like skin tone, skin thickness, perspiration and body mass can severely impact the accuracy of PPG readings. With MindMics, key organs like the heart are monitored through low-frequency acoustical vibrations detected in the ear canal. MindMics' IH delivers HR and HRV in real-time with a 99% correlation to an ECG, regardless of skin tone, skin thickness and body mass, making it the most inclusive health monitor on the market today.

"We are proud to launch our novel system to the market today after several years of clinical validation with leading medical institutions," said Anna Barnacka, Ph.D., CEO of MindMics, the inventor of the technology and a NASA Einstein Fellow prior to founding the company. "We look forward to empowering our members to understand what is helping their heart and what's hurting it, so they can do more of what works in the moments that matter. Ultimately, the purpose of MindMics is to eliminate heart failure as the #1 cause of death globally. We are excited to take the first step toward that important mission today with the launch of our novel solution."

In conjunction with the product launch today, MindMics is featured in "Technology's Golden Age," a film series produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). This series highlights the role of consumer technology in improving longevity and quality of life, showcasing innovative developments in science and medicine that are helping us live longer and better. MindMics is thrilled to share our story with the world, through such a trusted organization and alongside other future-focused, mission-oriented organizations.

To learn more about MindMics, visit our website at www.mindmics.com or email us at pr@mindmics.com.

About MindMics
MindMics is the next generation of health monitoring software platforms that use everyday earbuds. It is revolutionizing the way we monitor the inner workings of our bodies, health, performance and well-being. MindMics introduces a brand new science, infrasonic hemodynography, that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional PPG wearable light-based technology, to detect biometrics at a sub-heart rate fidelity with clinical accuracy. This capability opens up game-changing opportunities to provide tangential health information to improve consumer experience across exciting markets, including mindfulness, fitness, gaming, employee care, VR metaverse worlds, and more. Learn more at www.mindmics.com.

About In-ear Infrasonic Hemodynography
In-ear infrasonic hemodynography (IH) is a novel technology for monitoring heart activity through detection of low-frequency acoustical vibrations in an occluded ear canal. Biosignals associated with the vascular hemodynamics travel within arteries, fluids, bones and muscles in proximity to the ear canal, where they are amplified by a pressure increase of the sealed ear-canal cavity and passively detected as acoustic waveforms. The technology can be embedded into wearable devices, such as everyday in-ear headphones and hearing aids. Learn more at Nature Portfolio NPJ | Digital Medicine: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41746-022-00725-3

Source: MindMics, Inc.
Anna Barnacka, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

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