LBank Exchange Will List COCKROACH-COIN (ROACHCOIN) on February 26, 2024

Published February 23, 2024

Road Town, British Virgin Islands--(Newsfile Corp. - February 23, 2024) - In a significant move for cryptocurrency and mobile technology enthusiasts, LBank Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, has announced the listing of COCKROACH-COIN (ROACHCOIN) on February 26, 2024. Users of LBank Exchange can brace themselves for the ROACHCOIN/USDT trading pair, which will go live at 7:00 UTC on the slated date.

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COCKROACH-COIN (ROACHCOIN), a next-generation meme coin and altcoin, aims to promote kindness, generosity, and positive social impact through a fun, inclusive digital currency designed for tipping, donations, learning, staking, and peer-to-peer transactions.

Introducing ROACHCOIN: The Future of Fun and Philanthropy in Digital Currency

LBank Exchange is thrilled to announce the upcoming listing of COCKROACH-COIN (ROACHCOIN), emerging as a distinctive digital currency in the vast landscape of cryptocurrencies. Inspired by the resilience and adaptability of cockroaches, a metaphor for survival and perseverance, ROACHCOIN aims to carve its niche within the meme coin sector. With a total supply of 60 billion tokens and a commitment to gradually reducing this number through burning mechanisms, ROACHCOIN is designed to foster a sense of scarcity and value appreciation over time. Operating on the Binance Smart Chain, it underscores its commitment to efficiency and scalability, ensuring a seamless user experience for its holders.

The mission of RoachCoin G2 is ambitious and community-focused. It aims to leverage the playful and engaging nature of its origins to build a community-driven ecosystem centered around kindness, generosity, and inclusivity. By promoting a culture of giving, RoachCoin G2 aspires to empower users to support charitable causes and positive social impacts through the use of digital currency. The project is dedicated to making cryptocurrency accessible and enjoyable, breaking down barriers to entry with user-friendly interfaces and educational resources that demystify blockchain technology for newcomers.

At the heart of ROACHCOIN's utility is its versatility in online transactions, including tipping, donations, and peer-to-peer exchanges. These features are designed to harness the power of blockchain for fostering direct, transparent, and meaningful interactions online. Beyond transactions, ROACHCOIN encourages learning and participation in the crypto space through staking mechanisms, offering users not only a stake in the network's security and functionality but also opportunities for earning rewards. This approach aligns with the project's broader goals of engagement, education, and empowerment within the digital economy.

Looking ahead, RoachCoin G2 has laid out a roadmap that includes the development of its own blockchain, ROACHCHAIN, aiming for launch in the mid-2024. This ambitious step signifies the project's commitment to achieving a decentralized and secure infrastructure, further solidifying its place in the crypto market. With a team comprising experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds in the cryptocurrency and technology sectors, RoachCoin G2 is poised for growth. As it navigates the challenges and opportunities of the digital currency landscape, ROACHCOIN's blend of meme culture, community values, and innovative technology offers a unique and compelling vision for the future of cryptocurrency.


Based on BEP20, ROACHCOIN has a total supply of 60 billion (i.e. 60,000,000,000). ​​The token distribution for ROACHCOIN includes 5% for airdrop, 10% each for donations, team, and liquidity, 15% for marketing, and 50% allocated to presale. ROACHCOIN token is poised for its debut on LBank Exchange at 7:00 UTC on February 26, 2024. Investors who are interested in ROACHCOIN can easily buy and sell on LBank Exchange after that time.

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