LBank Exchange Amplifies Cryptocurrency Stability with Edelcoin (EDLC) on December 11, 2023

Published December 8, 2023

Road Town, British Virgin Islands--(Newsfile Corp. - December 8, 2023) - In a significant move for cryptocurrency and mobile technology enthusiasts, LBank Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, has announced the listing of Edelcoin (EDLC) on December 11, 2023. Users of LBank Exchange can brace themselves for the EDLC/USDT trading pair, which will go live at 10:00 UTC on the slated date.

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Edelcoin (EDLC) is a stable payment token backed by a basket of precious and base metals, offering a secure and over-collateralized digital asset option in the crypto market.

Introducing Edelcoin: A Precious Metals-Backed Stablecoin

LBank Exchange is thrilled to announce the upcoming listing of Edelcoin (EDLC), emerging as a groundbreaking stablecoin in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, presenting a novel approach to stability and value preservation. Distinct from traditional stablecoins, Edelcoin is underpinned by a tangible and unique form of collateral: a diverse basket of precious and base metals. This approach aims to provide a more tangible and secure foundation for the cryptocurrency, addressing common concerns about the volatility and intangibility associated with digital assets.

The cornerstone of Edelcoin's stability is its collateral - a meticulously curated mix of high-value metals, including rare and high-purity elements like Copper Isotope, Nickel Wire and Cesium-133. This basket is not only pre-existing but also over-collateralized by 25%, adding an extra layer of security for token holders. By anchoring its value in physical assets that predate the token issuance, Edelcoin stands out in the crypto market, offering a unique blend of modern digital finance and traditional asset stability. 

In terms of functionality, Edelcoin operates with a clear and structured approach. Managed by Edelcoin AG, the tokenization process adheres to the highest standards of legal and operational compliance, particularly within the Swiss regulatory framework. The token, denoted as EDLC, is set to be traded on compliant cryptocurrency exchanges, with its initial supply determined in USD equivalent. Token holders are entitled to several rights and benefits, including co-ownership of the underlying metals, and the potential for value appreciation, thereby offering a transparent and user-centric experience.

Moreover, Edelcoin goes beyond being just a cryptocurrency; it embodies a vision for sustainable and socially responsible finance. The funds raised through tokenization are earmarked for investment in eco-friendly initiatives and nano-mining projects, alongside a commitment to global social and charitable activities. However, it's essential to note that token holders do not partake in the profits or losses from these ventures. The Edelcoin project, while presenting an innovative financial tool, also emphasizes the associated risks and uncertainties, urging users to consider the information provided as purely informational and not as investment advice.

About EDLC Token

The EDLC token, a central aspect of the Edelcoin project, represents a pioneering foray into the realm of cryptocurrency stablecoins, backed by a unique and tangible collateral: a diversified basket of precious and base metals. EDLC stands out in the crypto market for its innovative approach, combining the reliability of traditional asset-backed tokens with the flexibility and potential of modern digital currencies, aiming to provide a stable, transparent, and sustainable option in the volatile cryptocurrency landscape.

Based on ERC20, EDLC has a total initial supply equivalent to 5.5 billion (i.e. 5,516,931,200). The ERC20-based token is poised for its debut on LBank Exchange at 10:00 UTC on December 11, 2023. Those, who are interested in EDLC can easily buy and sell on LBank Exchange after that time.

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