IIA Healthcare Acquires Gritly to Expand Data-Driven Hiring Across Healthcare

Published February 23, 2024

Denver, Colorado--(Newsfile Corp. - February 23, 2024) - IIA Healthcare, an Intelligent Interview Management solution for healthcare organizations, today announced its acquisition of Gritly, a platform that leverages data to create a more equitable candidate experience and make it easier for employers to hire. This strategic move combines the power of both platforms, creating a comprehensive solution for healthcare recruitment and talent management.

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IIA Healthcare

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The healthcare industry is increasingly recognizing the importance of efficient recruitment processes and positive candidate experiences. IIA Healthcare and Gritly share a common mission to revolutionize the hiring process by leveraging artificial intelligence and other advanced technology. With this acquisition, the companies' combined platform will address these needs, offering a centralized solution that streamlines the recruitment process, enhances candidate engagement and selection, and ultimately, helps healthcare organizations attract and retain quality talent that will positively impact quality of care.

"By integrating Gritly's candidate experience capabilities, we are poised to deliver an unmatched solution for healthcare recruitment," said Joe Thurman, CEO of IIA Healthcare. "This acquisition is a significant milestone in our journey, continuing our momentum in the healthcare industry, and we are excited about the immense value it will bring to our clients. And it's important for diverse and underestimated founders to know that they do not have to rely on traditional methods to survive."

"I'm thrilled about the acquisition of Gritly by IIA Healthcare. This marks a pivotal moment, uniting Gritly's detailed candidate profiles with IIA's cutting-edge hiring technology," says Venkata Uddaraju, co-founder & CTO of Gritly. "Together, we're set to redefine the hiring landscape, ensuring a future where every hire is not just a fit, but a step towards greater success and more informed hiring decisions. The journey ahead is bright, and we're excited to lead the charge in pioneering a transformative approach in the global landscape of talent acquisition, training, and organizational excellence."

This acquisition comes amid IIA Healthcare also announcing it is raising a $2M Seed II Round led by their current lead investor, DEMI Fund. Since being founded in 2020, the company has experienced great momentum, including being selected for Google for Startups' Black Founders Fund, which previously welcomed Gritly as part of its 2022 Latino Founders Fund cohort. The growing investment and success is poised to fuel the company's growth, enabling it to further expand its AI-capabilities and automation enhancements to continuously improve outcomes for hiring organizations and candidates alike.

"These companies are solving some of the biggest problems in the country right now," says Danielle Shoots, Founding Partner & Managing Director of DEMI Fund. "The founding teams of these companies are brilliant, creative, and resilient beyond comprehension. I am so proud of them coming together in an offering that both reaffirms and increases their value in the market. We don't fix systems by doing the same thing over and over again. We must be courageous enough to imagine a different way and then execute on it even when nobody believes in us. This is the perfect example."


About IIA Healthcare:

IIA Healthcare stands at the forefront of the Healthcare Hiring Revolution, bringing a human touch to the integration of AI in the hiring process. In the realm of healthcare workforce challenges, IIA Healthcare goes beyond conventional solutions by fostering a connection between technology and human expertise. Specializing in interview management capabilities, the company is dedicated to enhancing the overall hiring experience, reducing turnover, saving time, and ultimately elevating the quality of hires. With a profound understanding of interview data, analytics, candidate experience, bias mitigation, and feedback management, IIA Healthcare breathes vitality into healthcare organizations. The aim is to facilitate the recruitment of individuals who not only contribute to improving patient outcomes but also enhance the overall quality of care through the synergy of human connection and advanced AI solutions.

For more information: www.iiahealthcare.com.

About Gritly:

Rather than relying on a degree or traditional resume as a signal for success, Gritly's platform focuses on tracking and measuring the specific skills that are needed to succeed in a particular role or industry. The platform is built on a first-of-its-kind Upskilling Management System for delivering customizable training programs with workforce training partners, hiring tools for connecting our employer network with skilled candidates, and data analytics to help match candidates with the right roles based on their training performance.

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