Enjinstarter and Olritz Financial Group, Led by Sean Chin MQ, Announce Partnership in the Blockchain Carbon Credits Industry

Published October 9, 2023

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - October 9, 2023) - Enjinstarter, a pioneer in the blockchain crowdfunding industry, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Olritz Financial Group, under the leadership of renowned hedge fund manager and investment director, Sean Chin MQ. This partnership marks a significant step forward in developing the carbon value chain and promoting sustainability through investments across the carbon value chain.

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Sean Chin MQ, Founder of Olritz Financial Group.

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The partnership recognizes the evolving significance of carbon as a unique asset class. By bringing together Enjinstarter's blockchain expertise and Olritz Financial Group's financial acumen, the collaboration aims to create innovative investment products that harness the value of carbon credits.

This partnership will drive the development of solutions that enable organisations to achieve their sustainability goals faster and more efficiently.

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Prakash Somosundram, CEO and cofounder of Enjinstarter.

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Enjinstarter and Olritz Financial Group will explore opportunities in both the compliance and voluntary carbon markets. This approach ensures a comprehensive approach to carbon credit trading, offering flexibility for entities seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Africa and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) boasts an abundance of carbon sinks, making it a critical region for sustainable development finance. This partnership will explore these untapped resources, potentially unlocking new avenues for sustainable financing in the region while addressing global carbon emissions.

Enjinstarter and Olritz Financial Group recognize the value of quality carbon assets. Through this collaboration, the opportunity arises to acquire such assets, some potentially backed by sovereign guarantees.

Sean Chin MQ, founder and investment director of Olritz Financial Group, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, saying, "Our team at Olritz Financial Group recognizes the immense potential in the carbon value chain. Enjinstarter's blockchain technology has the power to transform the carbon credit market, and we are excited to be a part of this innovative journey. Together, we will create new opportunities and drive sustainability efforts forward."

Prakash Somosundram, CEO and Co-founder of Enjinstarter, shared his thoughts on this partnership, stating, "We are honoured to join forces with Olritz Financial Group and Sean Chin MQ, who brings a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking perspective to our mission. Enjinstarter remains committed to accelerating the adoption of carbon credits and sustainability practices globally, and this collaboration will amplify our impact. We see a massive funding gap and we hope to continue building infrastructure in this space with a special focus on the Global South."

Enjinstarter and Olritz Financial will work together to explore new avenues for blockchain-based carbon credit solutions, leveraging their combined expertise in capital markets, blockchain technology, and sustainability. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to environmental responsibility and the belief that blockchain can play a pivotal role in addressing climate change challenges. Both companies will be committing a portion of the economic benefits of this collaboration to go into programs that will help local communities.

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About Enjinstarter:

Enjinstarter a leading player in the Web3 and Digital Asset industry. They have invested into over 80 projects and helped more than 60 of them to raise capital on their launchpad. They are currently working towards launching a regulated launchpad focused on Climate Finance.

Enjinstarter is currently headquartered in Singapore with a presence in Dubai.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Prakash Somosundram and Alvin Tang, Enjinstarter is venture funded by True Global Ventures (TGV) a Singapore based venture fund who are early investors in Animoca Brands, The Sandbox and Chromaway.

Website: www.enjinstarter.com

About Olritz Financial:

Olritz Financial is a renowned financial institution managed by Founder and Investment Director, Sean Chin MQ. The firm specializes in identifying and capitalizing on investment opportunities in emerging markets and innovative technologies, with a keen focus on the carbon value chain and sustainability.

Website: www.olritz.com

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