Drippy Expands Its Cannabis-Infused Beverage Offering With Deep End - A New 100mg THC Drink Line

Published September 27, 2023

Deep End Is a 4oz 100mg Shot That Tastes Great Straight Or Can be Added to Your Favorite Beverage For A Customizable Experience

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - September 27, 2023) - Drippy Enterprises ("Drippy", "Drippy Soda", "Drippy Beverages" or the "Company") proudly announces the launch of Deep End, an innovative and carefully crafted THC-infused drink that promises a unique journey for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Designed to offer a customizable cannabis experience, Deep End is a 4oz shot-style product containing precisely 100mg of THC. This beverage empowers users to take control of their dosing, embracing both powerful effects and the flexibility to modify their experience for both large and small dose sizes with its dose measuring guide printed on the bottle.

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Drippy Deep End 100mg THC Beverage

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Cannabis infused beverages are a fast growing new category and product design is key to gaining consumer adoption. Drippy Deep End expands the brand's market penetration offering consumers more ways to interact and consume cannabis beverages.

With the cannabis market continuously evolving, Deep End arrives as a response to the diverse needs of consumers. Some crave an intense and immersive THC adventure, while others seek a more tailored encounter adding it to their favorite beverage. This shot-style product bridges the gap between the two, ensuring a harmonious convergence of preferences, while delivering a quick onset, unlike most edible products.

"Our goal with Deep End is to continue to make drinking cannabis just as normal as the traditional consumption methods, they go hand in hand," said Michael Thale, Co-Founder of Drippy. "We recognize that cannabis enthusiasts have varying tolerances and preferences, so we've engineered a product that lets them dive into their journey exactly as they wish."

For more information about Deep End, please visit DrinkDrippy.com.

About Drippy:

Drippy is a cannabis-infused lifestyle brand that bridges the connection between drinking cannabis and the ritual of smoking it. We make cannabis drinks for the "High Minded" among us. High Minded noun/adjective: A lifestyle marked by creativity, artistry, and good weed.

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