Coloured Ties Provides Lithium Portfolio Update and Quebec Pegmatite Go Public Announcement

Published May 12, 2023

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - May 12, 2023) - Coloured Ties Capital Inc. (TSXV: TIE) (OTC Pink: APEOF) (FSE: 97A0) ("Coloured Ties" or the "Company") is pleased to provide the following update on the Company's lithium portfolio.

Hertz Lithium Corp. (CSE: HZ)

The Company owns 4,730,000 common shares of Hertz Lithium Corp. ("Hertz Lithium").

Hertz Lithium recently listed for trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under symbol C.HZ, on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under QE2 and has applied for listing on the OTCQB in the United States.1

Hertz Lithium is a British Columbia based mineral exploration company primarily engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties. Hertz Lithium currently has one material mineral property, the Lucky Mica Project, located in the Arizona Pegmatite Belt in the Maricopa County of Arizona, USA, which is in the exploration stage. Hertz Lithium is also working with Penn State University in the development of a novel lithium extraction technology. For more information on Hertz Lithium, please visit their website at

Recent Hertz Lithium Announcements

On April 6, 2023, Hertz Lithium announced the closing of its initial public offering (the "Offering") pursuant to its prospectus dated February 16, 2023, filed with the securities commissions in each of the provinces of Canada, other than Quebec. The Offering consisted of the sale of 12,852,000 units (each, a "Unit") at a price of $0.125 per Unit, for aggregate gross proceeds of $1,606,500. Each Unit consisted of one Share and one Share purchase warrant. Canaccord Genuity Corp. acted as the agent for the Offering.

On May 10, 2023, Hertz Lithium announced that it has exercised its option (the "Option") to obtain a worldwide, remuneration-bearing, license to utilize the patent rights related to the Penn State Research Foundation ("PSRF")'s Novel Process for Extraction of Lithium from Alpha-Spodumene. Hertz Lithium acquired the Option pursuant to an option agreement with the PSRF dated August 30, 2022, as amended on November 15, 2022.

Hertz Lithium common shares closed for trading at $0.30 per share on May 10, 2023 on the CSE.

Québec Pegmatite Corp.

The Company owns 10,000,000 common shares of Québec Pegmatite Corp. ("QPC").

QPC, a subsidiary of the Company, is a North American junior mining exploration company that specializes in lithium exploration and owns 100% of the Vieux Comptoir and Mazerac lithium projects, located in the Corvette and Mazerac Lithium Districts, James Bay Quebec. The Vieux Comptoir Lithium Project is located between the Corvette Property of Patriot Battery Metal Inc. and the Adina Project of Winsome Resources Ltd. . The Mazérac property (the "Property") is located about 50km southwest of the historic mining town Val-d'Or and easily accessible. The Property is located near Vision Lithium's Cadillac property and Winsome Resources Ltd.'s Decelles property. QPC has aggressive and extensive exploration programs for 2023 to explore the lithium potential for the Property. The Vieux Comptoir Lithium Project is under option to Superior Mining Corporation (TSXV: SUI) whereby QPC owns 7,000,000 shares of Superior Mining Corporation and additional milestones pending.2 For more information on QPC, please visit their website at

Recent QPC Announcements

On May 9, 2023, the Company announced the First Responder has entered into a share exchange agreement dated May 8, 2023, with QPC, a subsidiary of Coloured Ties in respect of a proposed business transaction. It is intended that common shares of First Responder will be issued to holders of common shares of QPC on the basis of one (1) First Responder share for everyone (1) QPC share at a deemed price of $0.42 per First Responder share, resulting in the issuance of an aggregate 11,000,000 First Responder shares to the shareholders of QPC.

Patriot Battery Metals Inc.

The Company owns 1,827,200 common shares of Patriot Battery Metals Inc. ("Patriot Battery").

Patriot Battery's Corvette Property is reported to be a large lithium discovery in James Bay region of Quebec., where the CV Lithium Trend is an emerging spodumene pegmatite district discovered by Patriot Battery in 2017 and spans more than 25-km across the Corvette Property. The core area includes an approximate 3.7 km long spodumene pegmatite (the 'CV5 Pegmatite') and multiple proximal secondary spodumene pegmatite lenses.

To date, six (6) distinct clusters of lithium pegmatite have been discovered across the Corvette Property - CV5 Pegmatite and associated lenses, CV4, CV8-12, CV9, CV10, and the recently discovered CV13. Given the proximity of some pegmatite outcrops to each other, as well as the shallow till cover in the area, it is probable that some of the outcrops may reflect a discontinuous surface exposure of a single, larger pegmatite 'outcrop' subsurface. Further, the high number of well-mineralized pegmatites along the trend indicate a strong potential for a series of relatively closely spaced/stacked, sub-parallel, and sizable spodumene-bearing pegmatite bodies, with significant lateral and depth extent, to be present.

For further information about Patriot Battery, please visit their website at

Recent Patriot Battery Announcements

On May 1, 2023, Patriot Battery extended strike length of the CV5 Pegmatite to 3.7 km. The CV5 spodumene pegmatite has now been traced continuously by drilling (at ~50 - 150 m spacing) over a lateral distance of at least 3.7 km and remains open along strike at both ends and to depth along most of its length. These are the first drill holes completed to test a westward extension of the CV5 Pegmatite since summer of 2022, when spodumene pegmatite was confirmed to extend from the CV5 outcrop to the CV6 outcrop.

Azimut Exploration Inc.

The Company owns 2,578,600 common shares of Azimut Exploration Inc. ("Azimut").

Azimut is a leading mineral exploration company with a solid reputation for target generation and partnership development. The Company holds the largest mineral exploration portfolio in Quebec. Its wholly owned flagship Elmer Gold Project is actively advanced to the initial resource stage in the James Bay region. Azimut also controls a strategic land position for copper-gold, nickel and lithium. At least 10 work programs are planned for 2023, including an aggressive lithium-focused field assessment phase as early as possible after the winter season. For more information about Azimut, please visit their website at

Coloured Ties has acquired an equity stake in Azimut based on the large land holdings Azimut has acquired in Quebec but is frustrated with Azimut's inability to explore those properties in any meaningful ways with sound exploration programs or partnerships with other junior exploration companies. This practice of "stake and squat" on highly prospective lands, many which are some of the best lithium targets in James Bay, Quebec has resulted in zero advancement of these projects, while numerous other lithium discoveries are being made by other junior exploration companies in Quebec.

Coloured Ties continues to be an activist shareholder and attempts to engage with Azimut to encourage exploration or partnership on exploration of their vast land holdings in Quebec, rather than squat on those land holdings at a time when critical minerals exploration is being encouraged by government incentives programs and flow of private capital. Coloured Ties continues to believe Azimut is currently undervalued and hampered by its business practices and management business practices. TIE may choose to acquire or dispose of Azimut holdings in context of the capital markets and Azimut's business policies and Coloured Ties partnership with other Azimut shareholders who wish to see a change in Azimut's exploration practices and management practices to effect a corporate business strategy change at Azimut and unlock the value of these

Other Lithium Portfolio

Coloured Ties holds the following additional investments in the Company's lithium portfolio:

  • Power Metals Corp. ("Power Metals") (TSXV: PWM) - The Company currently owns 3,208,500 common shares of Power Metals. Power Metals owns a 100% interest in the Case Lake Property. The Case Lake Property is located 80 km east of Cochrane, northeastern Ontario close to the Ontario-Quebec border. The Case Lake Property consists of 585 cell claims in Steele, Case, Scapa, Pliny, Abbotsford and Challies townships, Larder Lake Mining Division. The property is 10 km x 9.5 km in size with 14 identified tonalite domes. The Case Lake pegmatite swarm consists of six spodumene dykes: North, Main, South, East and Northeast Dykes on the Henry Dome and the West Joe Dyke on a new tonalite dome.

Recently, Winsome Resources acquired 7,500,000 common shares of Power Metals and 7,500,000 common share purchase warrants of Power Metals from Sinomine Rare Metals Resources Co Ltd. ("Sinomine") for total cash consideration of $2,000,000. Each warrant entitles the holder thereof to acquire one share of Power Metals at CAD$0.40 per share, expiring on 17 March 2025. Winsome Resources has also agreed to assume all of Sinomine's rights and obligations under the offtake agreement that was entered into between Sinomine and Power Metals dated March 16, 2022. For more information about Power Metals, please visit their website at

  • Winsome Resources Inc. ("Winsome Resources") (ASX: WR1) - The Company owns 83,000 common shares of Winsome Resources. Winsome Resources recently reported drill intercepts at its Adina Project in James Region of Quebec as summarized above. For more information about Winsome Resources, please visit their website at
  • Superior Mining International Inc. ("Superior Mining") (TSXV: SUI) - The Company's subsidiary QPC owns 7,000,000 common shares of Superior (the "Superior Shares") pursuant to an Option Agreement on the Vieux Comptoir Lithium Property. In addition, QPC anticipates receiving 3,500,000 Superior Shares payable on the one year anniversary of the Option Agreement and 3,500,000 Superior Shares payable on the 18 month anniversary of the Option Agreement, all subject to the approval of the TSXV. For more information about Superior Mining, please visit their website at
  • Manning Ventures Inc. ("Manning") (CSE: MANN) - The Company holds 7,767,000 common shares of Manning. Manning is conducting exploration at Bounty Lithium Project. Bounty Lithium Project is located within the Eastmain Greenstone Belt in the James Bay Pegmatite District of west-central Quebec. It is prospective for hosting hard-rock, pegmatite-hosted lithium mineralization. The project now contains 62 pegmatite target areas, many with previously defined indicator-mineralogy and indicator-chemistry for hosting Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum style, spodumene-bearing pegmatites. Manning also has a 100% interest in the Dipole lithium project. The Dipole lithium project is located approximately 50 kilometres along strike from the recent Kraken lithium zone discovery by of Sokoman Minerals Corp. and Benton Resources Inc. The Kraken discovery spurred an early 2022 regional metallogenic study of Southern Newfoundland by Dahrouge Geological Consulting which resulted in findings suggestive of hosting Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum type pegmatite and/or Tungsten mineralization and acquisition of the Dipole Lithium Project. For more information about Manning, please visit their website at
  • Rockland Resources Ltd. ("Rockland") (CSE: RKL) - The Company currently owns 3,100,000 common shares of Rockland. Rockland carried out sampling at their Lithium Butte property in May 2022, comprising ten grab samples with a peak values of 4,080 parts per million lithium (ppm Li), with five grab samples of the tuff-breccia that had strongly developed clay alteration averaging 2,142 ppm Li. Additional sampling in July returned a continuous interval of 25.2 metres at 1,388 ppm Li, including 8.0 metres at 2,155 ppm Li and 0.7 metre at 3,540 ppm Li. Activities since July have included geological mapping, extensive. On April 20, 2023, Rockland announced that it has completed its due diligence and has made the initial option payments towards acquiring a 100% interest in the Wapistan Lithium Project located within the James Bay region of Quebec.

The Wapistan Lithium Project is a large land package comprised of 219 claims (10,722 hectares) over two claim blocks in James Bay, Quebec. The property is accessible by all-season roads, hydro and has two nearby communities offering exploration and mining services. For more information about Rockland, please visit their website at

Coloured Ties also has varying degrees of investments or pending investments in additional lithium projects including:

  • Canuck Lithium Inc. holds 100% interest in the AC/Dc and Lafleur Lithium Projects in James Bay, Quebec as per attached map in figure 1.
  • Agastya Minerals Inc.'s lithium projects are located in James Bay, Quebec and adjacent to Winsome Resources Adina Lithium Discovery as per attached map in figure 1.
  • Madina 1-2-3 and Mountie Lithium Projects and in close proximity to Adina Lithium Discovery in James Bay Quebec as per attached map figure 1.
  • Flowing Lithium Inc., a privately held Canadian corporation, owns 211,000 acres of Saskatchewan Lithium Brine Project Lands in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Estimated lithium resource in place over prospective lands:

  • 4 million tons of calculated inferred resource by Petrel Robertson Ltd.

  • 211,000 acres of land in SE Saskatchewan

  • Using rock properties and inferred resource concentrations, this area is comparable to highest quality brine plays in NA (and has potential to be the best) for minimal initial entry fees.

  • Green Lithium: full cycle project potential to meet zero emissions targets Generational Resource Play


Coloured Ties Capital and Quebec Pegmatite Corp are both attending this CG Global Mining Conference in Palm Springs May 10-12,2023 and have had encouraging meetings with lithium focused investment bankers, analysts, industry partners and private capital groups. Coloured Ties was able to establish contacts with Canaccord Genuity Australia capital markets executives and will explore potential to engage in ASX related corporate actions, including potential to cross list TIE investee holding companies if suitable. The conference has been extremely well attended with amazing level of interest in lithium mineral exploration investments.

Figure 1: Map of James Bay East Lithium Projects:

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Map of James Bay East Regional Projects May 2023.
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