Bowmar Nutrition Announces Launch of Supplements to Support Immune System and Overall Health

Published May 22, 2024

Des Moines, Iowa--(Newsfile Corp. - May 22, 2024) - Bowmar Nutrition, founded by certified nutrition specialists and ISSA fitness trainers Josh and Sarah Bowmar, is thrilled to announce the launch of three new premium products. Known for their dedication to wellness and impressive combined social media following of over 1.3 million, the Bowmars guide their audience toward optimal well-being with effective goal-setting strategies. Bowmar Nutrition's meticulously crafted offerings—including protein powders, pre-workout supplements, and protein-rich snacks—are manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-accredited facility, ensuring unparalleled quality and purity through rigorous third-party testing. Each product, carefully formulated and personally sampled by Josh and Sarah, promises exceptional taste and efficacy. Experience the power of Bowmar Nutrition's top-tier supplements and elevate the fitness journey.

Oyster Capsules:
Crafted with a blend of carefully selected ingredients and backed by Sarah Bowmar's personal journey, these capsules offer a rich source of vital nutrients to enhance overall health and vitality. Since they were first available on the Bowmar Nutrition website in 2023, these capsules have sold out six times. They have recently been reformulated and will be restocked again in June 2024. Bowmar Nutrition's Oyster Capsules can help:

  • Boost natural energy, fortify the immune system.
  • Support bladder and urinary tract health, adrenal function, and thyroid health.
  • Provide potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Lutein+ Gummies:
Perfect for screen users, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, infants, and children, Bowmar Nutrition's Lutein+ Gummies are formulated to protect and fortify eyes against strain and fatigue. Suitable for all ages, these gummies are crafted with care using clinically proven ingredients for optimal absorption and efficacy to help:

  • Protect against blue light exposure and enhance cognitive abilities.
  • Support overall well-being with improved sleep, reduced headaches, and enhanced focus.

Beef Liver Capsules:
Experience nature's multivitamin in a convenient capsule form with Bowmar Nutrition's Beef Liver Capsules, which are ideal for those overcoming anemia, hormone regulation, and cognitive enhancement. Each capsule is packed with essential vitamins and minerals and delivers pure nutritional support for enhanced vitality and well-being that helps to:

  • Fortify immune function and promote natural skin radiance.
  • Increase energy, improve mood, and enhance cognitive clarity.


About Bowmar Nutrition
Bowmar Nutrition is committed to providing the highest-quality and best-tasting supplements on the market. Founded in 2018 by Josh and Sarah Bowmar, the company's mission is to enrich lives through health and wellness by setting a new standard in the supplement industry. With revolutionary formulas, top-caliber manufacturing processes, and vigorous testing, Bowmar Nutrition takes pride in its premium products. All are produced in a GMP-certified and FDA-accredited facility and tested by a third-party ISO 17025 lab.

In addition to offering supplements that boost immune health, digestive wellness, weight loss, and cognitive function, the brand also encompasses APEX Protein Snacks (launched in 2020), the online training platform Bowmar Fitness, and the couple's companion Bowmar Fitness YouTube Channel, where they document their healthy eating habits and share their workout tips.

Bowmar Nutrition is also proud to participate in multiple charitable initiatives. The brand sponsors the 3rd & Goal Foundation holiday drive, which collects winter coats, socks, and other essentials for veterans. Bowmar Nutrition also donates tens of thousands of dollars worth of its branded supplements to naval battleships and army bases yearly. In 2020, Bowmar Nutrition was excited to announce that it delivered $700,000 worth of products to 11 food banks, 20 military bases, and 750 individual front-line workers, such as police officers, teachers, nurses, and first responders. Additionally, Bowmar Nutrition sponsors a K9 unit for the nonprofit OUR to help detect and arrest child sex offenders and traffickers.

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