ArcStone Securities and Investments Corp. to Spearhead Pioneering 3rd Wave of Drug Reform and Plant Medicine Panel at the Benzinga Event in Chicago

Published September 26, 2023

Chicago, Illinois--(Newsfile Corp. - September 26, 2023) - ArcStone Securities and Investments Corp. ("ArcStone") proudly announces its trailblazing support and participation at the upcoming Benzinga event from September 27 to 28 in Chicago. This year's highlight will be the world's inaugural panel focusing on the 3rd wave of drug reform and the surrounding ecosystem, from coca leaf nutraceuticals and CPG products to testing and narcotic laboratory investments. This timely and pivotal discussion, moderated by ArcStone's CEO, Michael Astone, a seasoned investment banker, discusses the evolving global scene, numerous global drug reform initiatives, and the recent IPO of Safe Supply Streaming (CSE:SPLY) debut on the CSE exchange.

Benzinga's events consistently assemble a unique mix of investors, dealmakers, companies, and advisors keen on identifying emerging trends. Leaders in the cannabis sphere, including Canopy Growth, Tilray, Sundial, and Aurora Cannabis, will be in attendance, emphasizing the event's significance.

Michael Astone, known for his influence in the cannabis, psychedelic, and growth industries, will engage in an illuminating discussion with industry frontrunners: Bill Panagiotakopoulos, David Craig, and Geoff Benic. This conversation will shed light on investment avenues in this sector, highlighting opportunities and pathways reminiscent of the cannabis industry's nascent phase in 2013.

At ArcStone, the focus extends beyond financial dealings. Here, entrepreneurial dreams find their tangible forms. Reflecting on past market dynamics, Michael reiterated the capital surge around Canadian cannabis legalization in 2013, followed by the rise of the psychedelic market by 2019.

Michael accentuated the ongoing addiction and overdose dilemma is a global crisis, applauding policy reforms in places like British Columbia, Switzerland, and Oregon for recent advancements in policy. He also acknowledged Harbour's ventures with major brands, emphasizing the coca plant's potential health advantages and the new products being formulated as the war on sugar and aspartame are now leading consumers while major brands are looking for alternative ingredient options.

Stakeholders, enthusiasts, and industry leaders are warmly invited to be part of this conversation:

This panel, a first of its kind, is backed by visionary investors, executives, and key figures from Canada and the USA, all rallying for a sector poised to revolutionize global health and wellness.

Join us at Benzinga where conversations shape tomorrow's industry.

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