ALB Vodka's Record-Breaking Year: A Testament to Quality, Community, and Innovation

Published December 31, 2023

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - December 31, 2023) - ALB Vodka is pleased to announce a record-breaking year in 2023 as its business performance and brand monetization not only met but exceeded industry benchmarks.

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ALB Vodka

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The year 2023 marked a milestone for ALB Vodka. This was not just another year of business growth; it was a year that saw ALB Vodka exceed expectations. Here's why 2023 was monumental for ALB Vodka:

  1. Unprecedented Sales Growth: ALB Vodka experienced a surge in sales, surpassing previous years' figures. This growth was fueled by expanding into key markets and forming strategic partnerships.
  2. Culinary Recognition: Further gaining a foothold in New York City's iconic restaurants and bars, ALB Vodka became a preferred choice for top chefs and mixologists. Beyond solidifying its status in the competitive spirits market in NYC, ALB Vodka has sparked a national conversation around quality vodka
  3. Community Engagement: ALB Vodka intensified its community involvement in Albany, sponsoring events, supporting local arts, and aiding small businesses.
  4. Innovation in Production: The brand continued to innovate, refining its production process and introducing new variants that catered to evolving consumer preferences.

ALB Vodka, named after Albany's airport code, reflects the city's spirit and resilience. Founded in 2011 by John Curtin and Rick Sicari, Albany Distilling began as a modest two-man operation with a vision to create a vodka that stands out in quality and affordability. They meticulously crafted a gluten-free corn-based vodka, using New York's renowned water, and perfected a charcoal filtration process. This dedication resulted in a vodka that is exceptionally smooth and clean, quickly gaining popularity

The Future: Beyond the Record Year

ALB Vodka's record-breaking year is not just a testament to its quality product but also reflects its deep-rooted commitment to community and innovation. As ALB Vodka continues to grow, it remains dedicated to its principles - quality, affordability, and community impact. The brand's success story serves as an inspiration to local entrepreneurs and symbolizes Albany's potential on the global stage.

ALB Vodka's record-breaking 2023 is more than a commercial success; it's a narrative of a brand that values its roots, embraces community, and continually strives for excellence. As ALB Vodka progresses, it is redefining what success looks like in the craft spirits industry.

Deborah Blub
New York City, New York

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